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  1. Do you have any programs running in the background that continuously check themselves or check other programs? If a program is trying to write to the HDD it will stop the Defrag every time! Doing a repair to windows could possibly fix your problem. If you have a file that is missing or corrupted a repair could fix that! Curiosity, if you stay on the computer and continue using it does not lockup? How long before it locks up at idle?
  2. Looking at your sig I'm guessing you're not much of a Micheal Vick fan? I seen a headline on the net the other day saying something about him ordering "Poor Performing Dogs" to be shot! I also read it is expected he will plead guilty to a plea bargain in the near future. If everything I've read is true I hope he gets some jail time! (IMHO) Just so everyone knows......... My opinion is not the opinion of COD or anyone here at COD! Its is just that, My Opinion!
  3. camaroguy1998

    New HTPC

    For HTPC use its fine! I dont think I'd suggest using it for gaming. Its original intention is for HTPC usage! As for the operational distance the 3M it states is way understated! I can use it at 25-30' not in line of sight and probably further in line of sight!
  4. camaroguy1998

    New HTPC

    Its not a track ball, its a thumb operated joystick! http://www.btc.com.tw/english/news_15.htm
  5. camaroguy1998

    New HTPC

    I use a wireless keyboard that has a joystick controller for mouse functions. Its a so so board but it works fine and suits its purpose.
  6. camaroguy1998

    New HTPC

    Digital Cable and Sattelite TV makes it difficult to use PVR functions without MCE and a 3rd party IR blaster program to get the STB to change channels for each program being recorded! I only have 1 STB and use analog cable in the rest of the house. I'd love to dump Charter Cable but it would cost me more to convert to sattelite and make it difficult to record LOST, Traveler, The Nine, etc... Being a 2nd shifter I rely on recorded TV! Theres so much i would miss without my PVR! First reason for the OrigenAE X15e is no need for a Monitor! Second being the touch screen! I have 2 sets
  7. How do you get 2 instances of [email protected] to run? I can only get one to run at a time.
  8. camaroguy1998

    New HTPC

    Are you going to do a Article/Guide for Media Portal? So you're only using your HTPC to view DVD's and pics? A Tuner Card would increase the capabilities of your system immensely! PVR functions alone are worth the $80 - 130 cost! I still have a VCR but I dont use it anymore! I have a dedicated HTPC for recording TV daily and a 2nd Tuner card in my main rig to record any special programs I may want to keep and/or burn to a disc!
  9. camaroguy1998

    New HTPC

    What tuner card are you using? SageTV is probably the best. Beyond TV is pretty good also. They all work better when patrnered with MCE. I dont use MCE and have been using the software that came with my Haupauge PVR-350 and HVR-1600 Its pretty basic but it works.
  10. And I thought I was busy. Sounds like you don't have time to realize you're busy!
  11. I belong to several forums and most of them get quiet this time of year, mostly because of the ending school year! They usually come around in late summer! You are right though Bruceleeon, new content helps bring in new people and competition is tough getting new members and keeping old ones!
  12. Try going down in resolution instead of up! Your Laptop is a few yrs old and was intended to run a lower res. like 1024x768(not an absolute) as a normal res.
  13. Thank You! If I decide to do this you are at the top of the list and its a short list
  14. I'm betting a username/password setup would work. The guy is a natural cure cancer survivor and he wants to share his info with everyone but wants to have a small fee to access the info so he can help pay for hosting and site services! Its going to be a while before I know whats going on, right now I'm just checking out options! Thanx for your Help!
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