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  1. ZhengHe

    The ten most dangerous toys of all time

    I remember many of those toys, and they were all fun provided you were careful. Can't say I ever almost burned my house down, though there once in incident where a table was lit on fire . So many fun toys up there, too bad they banned some of them.
  2. ZhengHe

    Who is your celebrity look alike?

    I'm got to try this one of these days and see what happens. It is free, right?
  3. ZhengHe

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone. Guess I'm a bit late on this one, but hope you enjoyed the celebrations for this new year. As for me, I sat at home mostly. Came out of the hospital quite recently, so I've been laying low and keeping healthy until all these medicines don't need to be taken anymore.
  4. ZhengHe

    This is BS

    Signed with pleasure. This is utterly insane, I can't imagine that case actually made it to Federal Court. That is beyond ridiculous. It should have died in the state courts long ago. Well, we will see what happens on this one.
  5. ZhengHe

    FTTH Anyone Got yet?

    Good idea. Personally I think this idea of a cap is ridiculous. They ought to just get an average for all their customers and charge a flat fee. It's less annoying that way.
  6. ZhengHe


    Make sure to take advantage of the extra space if you plan to stay with Gmail. Gmail Drive is good storing files and such on the account, which you can use for backup. This is provided that those files are 10MB or less, but it's still a decent feature. I'm up to about 500MB of backup storage myself, though it's mostly photos and CAD drawings.
  7. ZhengHe

    Program that blocks audio from ad banners?

    Wow, you actually found it canvasch. I'm impressed, but then again I gave up about a 1/2 hour into the search. Good show on finding that. Guess I'm going to have to try this one out, so thanks.
  8. ZhengHe

    Play Free NES Online

    As for me I drink massively saturated green tea. It's actually more caffeine per ounce then coffee when prepared right. There's a 1 gallon pitcher off it in the fridge, which I keep full at all times.
  9. ZhengHe

    mmmmm beer

    Well then I suppose there aren't any cons at all to this thing. Weird, cool little gadget which is not meant for one person; imagine if you gave someone that for a gift. Hope they don't wind up taking in 9 coronas from it, otherwise who knows. You know it's funny, because I've actually never seen one in action. Guess that will change shortly.
  10. ZhengHe

    another one bites the dust

    I wouldn't be too worried about this site. It's large enough and popular enough that in six months I bet Hi-TEK could get someone to take it over for him. It might not be the old crew, but the site in some form will survive. At least that's my prediction. Don't lose hope dougekewl. YOu'll see that it indeed proves correct.
  11. ZhengHe


    Turkey, oh no...don't mention that work. I must have ate 3 pounds of the stuff just so that I wouldn't have to participate in a family wide argument. The turkey was excellent, but a seriously couldn't eat much more then a cracker for days. What a wonderful holiday, too bad it's over.
  12. ZhengHe

    This is the car I want

    It is too mild a description. Even if half of the things they said about him were true he would still be a genius, but transmitting electricity through the air. Now that is just beyond genius; he was a man and a half that one with superhuman intelligence and innovative though. You know it just occured to me that this car company was named after him, lol, but it founded by his famliy was it?
  13. ZhengHe

    This is the car I want

    Don't forget about getting into a crash in that thing. It's rather small so you probably wouldn't do so well and the costs, assuming such a crash doesn't hit the battery hard enough to explode it, would be absolutely astronomical. One more thing. How do you intend to take such a car on trips? You'll have to plug it in somewhere, but who is about to let you do such a thing. What about if you're driving at night and run out of charge? I'm saying you couldn't make it work, if even make it cost effective, but having such an unusual car will force you to plan trips out a whole lot more then you are currently doing along with taking a full range of other currently unneccesary steps. That's not to mention you're going to have to find someone reputable to fix it, assuming maintenance won't be done by yourself. Don't forget a good lock system since people will try to steal it depending on where you are. In any case good luck Bruce, and if you do wind up buying this car take a picture.
  14. ZhengHe

    how fast can you type?

    Wow, I actually did pretty well. 63 words per minute, according to the test once all the errors were taken out. If only I could type that fast all the time.
  15. ZhengHe

    Giveaway - NOW OFFICIAL!!! ENDS NOVEMBER 21, 2006

    Thats cool camroguy1998. Sorry if my second pm was a bit delayed, but Thanksgiving preparations this year were a bit extreme so it got put off. In any event my addy has been sent and all is well as far as I know. Hope the rest of the winners show up sometime soon, and Happy Thanksgiving to All! Make sure you eat twice as much as you can handle!