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  1. Honey how did you get blisters on your eye lids? http://www.radarmagazine.com/features/2006..._energy_lab.php
  2. Hey is there away that you can make the active threads be at the top of the forums? For me they are scattered all over..page one half way down..page two and the end. Can this be fixed?
  3. Great stuff. I'll be emailing that last one out to a few.
  4. Do you get the first one? The one with the check? I wouldn't if I didn't just hear the audio of the cusomer service call on the Opie and Anthony show. Have you heard that yet.
  5. My DigiPanel arrived today as well. I have to say that it one of the nicest things that I have ever won. I mean it. Can't wait to build my new system using it. It's going to look pretty cool. I'll post pics when it's finally done. Waiting to afford a few more items. Thanks again.
  6. Overpaid chump. He knows that they wont bench him.
  7. I agree. It looks like the poor child wants to catch it. What a photo though huh?
  8. Ok great, thank you. Thank thanks again Enigmachine.
  9. Cool, thanks Enigmachine. Bruce, did we catch ya before the items were sent or is it too late?
  10. No, my parents actually live in the foothills near Georgetown. Right on the snow line. I just say the lake cause no body knows where Georgetown is. By the way, congrats on your prize.
  11. Sorry for the re-post but it wont let me edit for some reason. Just wanted to offer Enigmachine a swap. Only because I run a black case. I'm cool either way...just thought I'd offer. Thank you again.
  12. I can't believe that I won the exact prize that I was hoping for. Thank you very much. I just got back from visiting family up in Lake Tahoe and I couldn't check the forums up there. Mom had a computer but you'd all laugh if you saw it. I think she peddles a bike made of coconuts to power it. Didn't help that it was on dial-up. I'll send a pm with my mailing info and I can not thank you all enough. I'll show my thanks by not shipping of with the prize. I'll visit daily. Thanks again!!
  13. I thought the fisjin' film was awesome. I'd love to learn that. I have Lightwave (Jimmy Newtron media) but never had the time to learn it.
  14. Here's mine. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y187/CDUA...gorilla-001.jpg
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