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  1. Even guys who eat steak every night like to have a hamburger from time to time. I wouldn't kick Paris out of bed, but I would sure buckle up before I took THAT ride.
  2. Some people? I guess he will just have to survive life from his couch beside his dog in near-solitude.
  3. Or you could do as I do... when installing Office, do not include Alternative User Input.
  4. It showed up via UPS last night around 6PM, so technically Santa was a few days early. THANK YOU COD!
  5. Maybe Santa will deliver something from COD for me soon, too.
  6. Alt + S does nothing for me in IE7. I use IE7, so go ahead and make my day, punk!
  7. Going OT, I know, but did you get to see snow? It snowed on us Saturday and again last night, but nothing really amounted to much or lasted through the day.
  8. Any time I know that more people will be out driving and in the stores, I dig myself a giant hole and climb in. People today are tough to endure, let alone a mass amount of them. I suppose that the tradeoff is that I will pay full retail when things are calm and quiet. I don't really mind.
  9. THANK YOU BruceLeeon & [COD]Big_Balls CamaroGuy: I won the ATA100 RAID card, so if you want to trade, let me know. If not, I will PM BruceLeeon pending your answer. Congratulations to all of the winners, and long live COD!
  10. Only a few more hours for last minute entries! Good luck everyone.
  11. If you listen very closely, you will hear the sound of thought. So I guess it is a relative matter.
  12. Come on now Doug, you know better. I don't think he would give all of that to just one person! Seriously though, how about a re-release to the news feeds?
  13. "Isn't that a lettuce" Man, I know you have a dog, but I see many lonely nights ahead. Work on that game of yours, Don Juan.
  14. I know, but (the D-word), I would like to see you get a return on your investment. You know?
  15. Just great. And I wanted to learn some phrases in Icelandic, so I can woo all the Icelandic speaking women I come across here in Nevada. On top of that, I missed the opportunity to pile onto his post.
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