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  1. i have this problem, i cant do anything about it, its called BIG RAM! MUhahahhahaha
  2. do i qualify with these 78 posts? COME ON AND DRAW MY NAME! i won last time, got like ultyma online or somthing hehe
  3. sweet only 10 posts! haha that shouldnt be a problem was like 100 posts for the last contest i was in
  4. intrin


    hehe, hey guys, its been a while, like to give a shout out to all dem f00z i used to play tO with , im starting a site kinda like this one, to do reviews on users gadgets, and i rememberd this site, so i thought id drop in and say high been a while, hitm e up on AIM: INPHULTRA, ICQ: 62595411, YIM: intr1n@YAHOO.COM, MSN: defin1tive@hotmail.com w0rd up yall
  5. whats up all intrin here, havnt been here for so long , been sooo busy, school, hacking the planet and what not, lol jk school, work has got me going pretty steady, got a new cat, have 2 dogs already so its a house full, havnt played to for ever, i play call of duty once in a while, and need 4 speed underground, it rules, hope to get back to TO, once things arnt so busy, well ill drop in every so often peace out HACK THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. he prolly uses the AOT mod, and not retail, get retail bro
  7. lol i ment 64mb VID, or a larger hdd, like a 40-80gb
  8. wtg peg, wanna sell me anything out of your old box? or donate? need 64mb or a larger hdd; ) btw thx for the game guys i just got it today
  9. well, would be nice to win, i won the game, so i think my luck ran out, if the person who wins this has a 64mb card, and a 60gb+ let me know might buy or take it from u
  10. wow that is bEEEE EWWW TA FUL!!!!
  11. enjoy what did u win? oh i sent u my addy too js
  12. WOOT I WON SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I DID I CANT BELIEVE IT THANKS! : ) woot woot never playd this game hope i like it
  13. lol you just herd about this?" where u been?" under a rock?
  14. intrin


    have for the latest mouse drivers, and its working fine after i wacked it on the head a few times :-
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