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  1. i've got a pair of value select corsair pc3200 cas2.5 sticks of ram 512x2. they came in the same package so its meant for dual channel. my motherboard is the p4p800-e deluxe and the memory isnt running in dual channel mode and i dont see a option for it in the bios.... any suggestions? (running at 3000mhz, suppoused to be around 5000) (processor 3.2 ghz prescott) on the motherboard its like color coded, 2 blue slots 2 black slots, it goes blue black space blue black. i have them right next to each other (one in blue one in black) if you look up a pic of a mobo you'll see what i mean
  2. heh your finally doing this contest? i need a case and headphones... but mostly headphones
  3. hehe how about every 20 posts you get another entry
  4. sounds good to me! shotgun on computer case
  5. so when exactly does this end? hehe. i really need a new case and fans.... no really... my videocard is malfunctioning from the heat. (its cooling is fine, my case just BLOWS *horrible circulation, 1 fan* yea... maybe i should buy some stuff on my own because i'm scared for my video card's health
  6. eh i'll take whichever if cheaper then onto ram i need 1 gig of non generic ram for 100-150$
  7. i was thinking the same thing, when i was into designing computers (but not building cuz not of my friends TRUSTED MY SKILLS THOSE JACKASSES) most all of my computer designs would include the p4p800... is the E any different?
  9. so people are still recommending that huh? hmm maybe i should go back to my old layout i planned for a long time. would be cheaper now. can i get some recommendations on ram and some prices on that board? i was thinking about corsair for their super high quality.... but now i'm actually on a budget *GASP* also i think the p4p800-e will suffice, i saw it for 104$
  10. i'm not up to speed in the motherboard/ram market anymore. i got into games and fell behind. can you guys cook me up a combo motherboard and ram (does pci express work with agp?) that wouild work with a radeon 9600 xt and a p4.... thats not too out of date.... pci express?
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