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  1. [TMX]EdMaxx

    We got him!

    Good job men, that's why you're the best.
  2. [TMX]EdMaxx

    It is a boy

    Congratulations, Big Uns! :dokta
  3. [TMX]EdMaxx

    Happy Birthday, Superfly!

    Now try it in your best Marilyn Manson voice. Scary, huh?
  4. [TMX]EdMaxx

    signs you are getting old, by Big_Ram!

    Then I must be ancient.
  5. [TMX]EdMaxx

    wanted to say happy B-day

    How old? (the D-word), I don't think I can remember back that far to when I was that young.
  6. [TMX]EdMaxx


    I still have my D-Link and I love it! If you shop the right places, you can get a DI-614+ for about $30 after rebates.
  7. [TMX]EdMaxx


    Definitely a 10/100 switch. It will handle the traffic better without all of the collisions normally associated with a hub.
  8. [TMX]EdMaxx

    Hey its me Monroe i wanan join tmx and cod

    Here's the link to the [1337] forum thread.
  9. [TMX]EdMaxx

    [Joining] TMX [/leGaCY]

    I hope you do get a mic at the end of the month, Legacy. As far as I'm concerned you're 99.999% in. We just want to get to know you a little better. Hell, I'll go buy a $10 mic at Wal-Mart and send it to you if it will help. LOL _________________________ T-Maxx, there is no substitute!
  10. [TMX]EdMaxx

    Hey its me Monroe i wanan join tmx and cod

    Well, Monroe, I'll tell you the same thing I tell everyone who is interested in joining our clan, get on TeamSpeak. We want to chat with you and get to know you before we make a decision. Believe me, you're not the only one wanting in TMX. NC-FireFighter, SouthernFireFighter, Legacy, Kenshin and now Fdolphins5 all want in. I may have even missed a couple there. Legacy has been asking for at least month. But he doesn't have a mic either, so we can't chat with him. I'll be honest with you, though, both clans are getting to be pretty big and TMX, for one, will probably start being even more selective than we are now. When we can chat with you on TS and we feel like you fit in, we'll ask you. _________________________ T-Maxx, there is no substitute!
  11. [TMX]EdMaxx

    battle of the balls

    Glad to see you finally made it in, Balls. Kill ya later. :twisted:
  12. [TMX]EdMaxx

    And the Winner Is!!

    What do you need UT for? COD and TMX don't play UT. We play Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror.
  13. [TMX]EdMaxx

    And the Winner Is!!

    Alright, Peggy! Woo hoo!
  14. [TMX]EdMaxx

    Quick Reply

    I'm using subBlack3DBlue which was the default when I joined.
  15. [TMX]EdMaxx

    Giveaway Computer Final Pics

    Well, I'm glad to say I'm in the running. Bring it on. I could use another TO server machine. :twisted: