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    Opty 146 @ 2.92g everyday
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    EVGA 7800gt
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    DFI Ultra-D
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    2g Mushkin Black
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    160 IDE Maxtor, for now
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    Audigy 2 ZS
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    Aerocool ExtremEngine 3T case & a Zalman 7700cu
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  1. She's a sweetheart! I've two girls and one 410.
  2. Have fun with it, you know, zoom zoom zoom. (I couldn't help myself, oh no.. it's taking over again, ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM. Seriously, nice ride!
  3. I like World Wind from Nasa. It's free and the last time I checked Google Earth the imaging wasn't as good as World Wind, but it's been a while and things do change.
  4. Originally posted by Da Flame I'm hot like fire yo. Preparation H should clear that up. That one was funny! And wouldn't wack be more socialbly acceptable than wigger, as in the icy hots are wack offs.
  5. She's purdy. I like the yellow, I want a yellow bug with daisys and lady bugs all over it. And that tiny whale tail.
  6. petercintn


    :boff it's about time someone did it to them. I got light headed laughing at that.
  7. petercintn

    I'm Here!

    Yawls yes, my case has a 140mm front fan, 250mm side fan and a 130mm rear fan. Haven't made up my mind as to where the rad and pump are going, but outside the case would seem better. Cooler air on the outside. No heating of the interior of the case. So I'm looking foward to the review, could help me decide. But I also don't mind ripping the case a new one (or two) if I think it's better that way. I've got a couple weeks to think about it all. One thing for sure, I'm gonna slap this on a different p/s and route all my fans to this extra p/s. (I've got three hanging around with nothing to do, I'm sick of them just sitting around and not pulling their own weight ) A very public thanks! Bruceleeon
  8. petercintn

    I'm Here!

    Hey UVA, I've read some of your post before signing up. Some were Harlarryus. Keen wit you have. Tried to edit that post, but got stuck in a loop, so I'll add it here. My clumsy fingers did not mean to type peetrintn, and I really don't want to live with the first three letters of my name being pee. Can someone change this? I couldn't find out how. It's OK to laugh, I've been loling myself. But I'd really like to be petercintn like I am everyelse.
  9. petercintn

    I'm Here!

    Thought I'd stop by and say 'Howdy!' and talk to you on your turf, Bruceleeon. BTW I'm pretty bad about noise now too. This last build is the quietest yet, and I love it. Gonna get rid of the loudest thing in the rig, the 7700cu here in a couple of weeks and go water. Only get paid once a month so I have to wait to the first of the month. But I am a hardware freak so I hope I'll fit in here. Live long and (just watched the Shatner roast) stay in the closet, George!
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