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  1. JimBowy? I know you... I would agree Rbreb13 on this one... Safety first!
  2. No way... At 3000 RPM it is quieter than my case fans, and still keeps my XP2200+ at under 100F while folding, with a room temp in the 70s, case temp in the 80s...
  3. Although it can work in auto mode, it also has a manual mode, with a dial at the end of a wired lead. that's what I'm using. So, basically its got its own rheostat built in. I can manually set the speed, which is what I have done, and 3000 RPM is the sweet spot...
  4. Nope... The rheobus is only for case fans in my setups. I have kids visit on occasion and they all think its cool to turn the shiny blue knobs... I can handle the case fans being altered, but I'd rather not have the cpu fan "accidentally" turned too low. The cpu fan is the Smart Fan II now, and I have the speed sensor hanging out the back of my case. Although I haven't touched it in weeks, it goes from 1700-4800 RPM, and 3000 works well to keep it cool and quiet.
  5. Its all about quality! I have a lot of hardware questions for that particular area, and will be drifting through there now...
  6. People suggested that fan for me... but I can't stand the noise!! I wanted built in speed control, and had a Smart Fan II before (its up at my Dad's house now... )... Anyway, it should stay nice and cool... I have good temps now with a mediocre cooler...
  7. You got it... thanks! I put one there this morning... nothing for sale, but some nice magazines for free!! :wink:
  8. I guess I have another excuse on the install... I needed a good fan for it, as most of mine here are weak case fans, or they have no RPM sensing lead... Just ordered a Thermaltake Smart Fan II to go on it, so maybe I'll install next week when it gets here!!
  9. You know... for posting killer prices from good online retailers... :?:
  10. I just got an SLK-800U... similar to what was reviewed here, but bolts through the mobo... But man, if I'm too lazy to take everything apart and mount that sucker... Anyone wanna come over and do it for me? I'll give you a beer... or a soda... whatever...
  11. [TMX]EdMaxx forced me to change my avatar... I kept seeing Neo and thought I was reading my posts...
  12. I agree with jenious... too many little rooms make things harder to browse, than a few larger rooms...
  13. 50 posts? Holy shizzle... Doggie Fizzle better take a look around and share more knowledge... :shock:
  14. - I don't know if Ohl would have claimed to be the inventor of the interview... I think this guy is someone else, although he is right... Ohl has been doing some interviews of tech people on his site. I was actually going to do it on one of my sites about a year ago, so I think I'll claim that I invented it... :shock: I just got lazy and didn't put it together... had a few good people lined up as well!!
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