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  1. Life moves us in different directions, but my brothers I never forget
  2. WTF? Are you kidding me? That looks fake as hell, but I know it's not.
  3. Well, I was only in Philly for a few hours. I spent most of the time in Allentown. I promise next time I go to make sure we hook up.
  4. If no one else volunteers, I will but only as a last resort. I just got back from Philly tonight and leave for Mexico in two weeks.
  5. Found something else while messing around on the website. Install cooliris previews, www.cooliris.com. Fastest way to surf you will ever find
  6. Holy crap batman, that is awesome. You need to get the homepage piclensed. I'm hooked already.
  7. I got to third base once.
  8. http://software.techrepublic.com.com/abstr...mp;docid=337579
  9. OMG, too funny! Yeah, I got it on my car. Whistles go WWWOOOOO!
  10. As you know, I don't play console games as I never could get the hang of the controls. However, I am getting my son xbox live for his birthday this month.
  11. I wish I could. I've been traveling about 2 weeks a month this year. When I get back from Canada I still have trips to Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Belgium, Singapore and India to do this year.
  12. Just got back from Canada and New York, going back next Tuesday.
  13. jsgolfman


    lol, I have a meeting withe the party chair to go over my new role.
  14. I wasn't able to find anything, sorry.
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