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  1. Kona

    Error 1402 help....

    ugh im trying to find those 2 cds where it restarts everything and you start off brand new but i cant find it
  2. Kona

    Error 1402 help....

    SVC Packs?
  3. Kona

    Error 1402 help....

    I didnt fix it cause it wasnt norton av...But the last thing i rem is surfing on mozilla.
  4. Kona

    Error 1402 help....

    BTW i have windows xp.
  5. Kona

    Error 1402 help....

    ok when i try to install a program i get something like this... Error 1402 could not open key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. Verify that you have access to that key or contact your support personel. Ok i read the sticky but it was different so would it be different or the same like the stick and follow the instructions? Plz help me out im trying to install alot of programs on my comp and it wont let me