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  1. whoa, that made me jump, and I had my speakers up pretty loud
  2. I liked the blueish top banner that says C.O.D. more than the tan one, but that may just be me.
  3. eww, my opinion may not count for much, but I like the one that is being used now. That whole beige/grey thing looks too profesional, but that's my opinion
  4. I don't see the simalarities between the 2. All the people that voted for Kerry seem to be really pissed off that Bush won. I hate politics
  5. Absolute Zero


    It's ok, Ill stick with this one, I like it
  6. Absolute Zero


    I don't really care to use an animated avatar (and I don't even have one for that matter). This is what it says:
  7. Absolute Zero


    lol Rbreb, I like your avatar. How do you put in a custom avatar of your computer? I can't see where it will let you do that.
  8. my computer is on a small desk that's taken up by my monitor, 3 speakers and a cd rack.
  9. Absolute Zero


    oops, I'm sonoffishman, sorry forgot to add that
  10. Absolute Zero


    how do you put in custom avatar? I can't figure it out
  11. Absolute Zero


    Hello. Wp and Rbreb13 will know me from the hcw forums. Just wanted to say hi
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