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  1. Really? You still have the car? Why? PS: Those were rhetorical questions. PSS: Man that's a horrible picture? Why the crap did I save that?
  2. Remember this bad boy? I'm sure you do!
  3. LOL, on my hdd. You gave it to me back in the old SysCool days I think.
  4. I kinda liked the one in post #64. It reminded me of our beginings with the old COD blue.
  5. I'm busy with work and the stock market. I'm now an Assistant manager at Ace Hardware. Promoted after only 3 months there! $14k per year raise but a few more hours a week.
  6. http://www.computingondemand.com/reviews/m...zer/page1.shtml
  7. WOW, I didn't even know YOU were prego! LOL Congrats man!
  8. http://www.break.com/index/hillary-farts-during-debate.html
  9. Too many pages to navigate. I'd say 4-5 would be better.
  10. I would add some but until I find a job. I can't afford the extra power bill. Soon I hope.
  11. Freakin insane play! http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/video/...videoId=3083220
  12. I don't have a clue what it might be. I know I'd dump Norton though. Resource HOG that it usually is. Can you defrag in safe mode? Using the Windows defrag? Or some other program? I like Diskkeeper myself.
  13. http://images.wikia.com/uncyclopedia/image...toast_swirl.gif
  14. IRQ's can be used by multiple devices. Don't use PCI slot 1, its usually shared with your video card. Check the mobo manual there should be an IRQ table there that can point you to what PCI slots are shared and where. Try to get your sound card on its own channel and use the onboard ethernet connection.
  15. Have you gone to Windows Update and gotten all the updates? Including SP2? Its either memory or possibly a corrupt page file.
  16. It must've been a problem with the muffler bearings. Would be my guess.
  17. Yeah, their solution but what kind of water did you have to use? NJ tap water? Blech!!!!
  18. They'll probably blame it on the water and not their product.
  19. Could you have made the pics any bigger? lol
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