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  1. Really? You still have the car? Why? PS: Those were rhetorical questions. PSS: Man that's a horrible picture? Why the crap did I save that?
  2. Remember this bad boy? I'm sure you do!
  3. LOL, on my hdd. You gave it to me back in the old SysCool days I think.
  4. I kinda liked the one in post #64. It reminded me of our beginings with the old COD blue.
  5. I'm busy with work and the stock market. I'm now an Assistant manager at Ace Hardware. Promoted after only 3 months there! $14k per year raise but a few more hours a week.
  6. http://www.computingondemand.com/reviews/m...zer/page1.shtml
  7. WOW, I didn't even know YOU were prego! LOL Congrats man!
  8. http://www.break.com/index/hillary-farts-during-debate.html
  9. Too many pages to navigate. I'd say 4-5 would be better.
  10. I would add some but until I find a job. I can't afford the extra power bill. Soon I hope.
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