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  1. Not being sexist or anything but that is (the D-word) good for a girl
  2. I would be suprised if you saved 50 bucks total over what the same system would have cost at newegg. I personally don't even look elsewhere because I know I get a good deal at newegg and I know they have great customer service and handle returns and RMA's very well. I just wish they would get the business 2 business thing going again so I could get free shipping and even better discounts again!
  3. UVA

    Looking for some input

    I can record hd content to the ps3?
  4. I finally upgraded to hd and got rid of my old 32" crt television. I have a Home theater that I bought with my new tv so I am really just looking to build a dvr with a blue ray player in it. I would love any input or suggestions on what i might want or need. I can't wait to see blue ray on my new 61"!!
  5. I just built a system almost identical to that for a customer and I must admit it was a screamer.
  6. UVA

    I took the plunge

    Iam too poor to buy one atm. I hope to have one someday but I think I will get the wii first. More family fun
  7. I sure miss smokin you guys on the race track! I did beat you once Bruceleeon lol.
  8. my folding is gonna slow for a bit. I decided to take it off work pc's. Never know someone might not like the idea if they found out.
  9. Yeah I am late too, but I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!!
  10. I am eating beans at work as we speak lol.
  11. grats on your calculator, I can't believe it worked hehe
  12. Looks great, I caught a couple things but I don't have word on this machine to change them so here they are. First page: I finally feel it is time for you know..... several ways to reword this so I will leave it up to you. Last page: The original idea the large drives.... I think you meant the original idea that large drives....
  13. Grats mang!!! Wow the big 30, hows does it feel to be old
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