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  1. The lab is almost done!

  2. The lab is almost done!

  3. Well for the few that know me I am back... For those how don't know me well you will get to know me. Well back to the lab.
  4. inverted broomhandel
  5. if you are going to have dreams go for the realy good ones!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Greeting's and welcome to C.O.D.
  7. winblows needs federal regulation the fat system thats like revlon saying they are taking claral to court because the used the comb first
  8. Avalon

    Welcome WP

    hi im the dragon welcome
  9. Avalon

    Dougie is back

    you did not order anything from me
  10. Avalon

    Dougie is back

    i was here in the begining i will be here if there is ever an end i was out on the rim but im back now
  11. it's me i'm back it's been about a year but the dragon is back for those of you who know i was here at the begining and will be here if it comes to an end..... the og's of the site "been awhile" to the newbies hehehehehehe dougie"the dragon" moderator in exile
  12. Avalon

    Dougie is back

    for those who knew me i am sorry it was a midlife thing for those yet to meet me hiya
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