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  1. MindMiner - the miner manager programm with online monitoringMiner manager programm. Support CPU mining and mining on nVidia and AMD cards.This isnt a next fork based on MultiPoolMiner (NemosMiner, SniffDogMiner, MegaMiner, NPlusMiner and etc).This is full new source code written by me with my minds of a console miner manager programm.Thanks to aaronsace to the idea but weak implementation.Download newVersion: MindMiner_v.4.98You may config any supported miner to any configuration.Features:* Accounting power consumption* Very small code size* Low memory use ~50Mb* Self update* User confirm for benchmarks and new pools* No memory leak* Small CPU usage* Fast switch for most profit algo/coin* Very configurable* Different verbose level* Pools actual balance* Actual miners (if not write me)* Api Pools proxy for more then 10 rigs (prevent blocking api pools request)* Api/status server (http://localhost:5555)* Switching resistance by percentage or timeout* Run process before & after execution of miner* Account accepted & rejected sharesSupported Pools:* NiceHash* MinigPoolHub* Zpool* AhashPool* ZergPool* BlazePool* HashRefinery* BlockMastersSupported Miners:* bminer* dstm zcash (equihash)* cast xmr* cpuminer (any)* cpuminer-opt* ccminer (any)* ewbf (disabled by default, to enable change config file .\Miners\ewbf-xxx.config.txt)* nheqminer (disabled by default, to enable change config file .\Miners\nheqminer-xxx.config.txt)* sgminer (any)* gatelessgate* Claymore ethereum (no dual algo support for now)* Claymore zcash (equihash)* Claymore cryptonight* Claymore neoscrypt* PhoenixMiner (ethash)* xmrig* jce cryptonote* cryptodredgeRequirements:PowerShell 5.0Windows 10 x64 or Server 2016 already contain PowerShell 5.0.For Windows 7 SP1, 8.1, Server 2008 R2 SP1, 2012, 2012 R2 install PowerShell 5.0PowerShell requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or above.The Windows is x64 need as most of the miners support only x64 bit.Install:Download latest release to any folder. Unpack and may create config.txt (see config section) or just run "run.bat" and enter BTC wallet and other asked data.Config:Place simple config.txt file into programm folder with json contentCode:{"Wallet": { "BTC": "Your BTC wallet" },"Login": "Login for pool with registration (MPH)"}Fee:MindMiner has development fee 1%.MindMiner - miner manager programm with autoswitch between Algos&Polls.This isnt a fork based on MultiPoolMiner (Nemos, SniffDog, Mega, NPlus & etc)ahash/block/zerg/z pools, Lowered cpu usage on pools, solo/party/mc at BlockMasters pool, Added support phi2-lux algo on zergpool. And all Btc, Eth, Xmr, Etc pool.
  2. Claymore’s Miner Manager - Monitoring and managing mining by rigsCertainly some of you do not know that the Claymore miners, currently popular with the miners, such as the Claymore Zcash AMD GPU miner and the Claymore Dual miner, include the very handy Ethman Remote manager utility, which allows you to centrally control and monitor the rigs that are running miners from Claymore on the local network. In this article I will explain how to configure monitoring rigs using the Ethman Remote manager using the example of the Claymore Zcash AMD GPU miner.So, if you have not installed the latest version of the miner from Claymore, then download and install it. Currently, the most profitable mining algorithm for mining is EquiHash, which produces such altcoins as Zcash (ZEC) and Zcash Classic (ZCL). Therefore, I give a link by which you can download the miner from Claymore for this particular algorithm. Download the latest version of the miner for this link. At the time of this writing, this is version v15.0Download miner: Claymore's Dual Miner Manager v.15.0Claymore's Miner Manager main features:Monitoring rigs parameters that are in the local network.Editing miner configs.Restart miners.Setting the sound alert when stopping the mining process.Automatic launch of a .bat file when stopping the mining process.Now let's proceed directly to setting up the application for monitoring miners from ClaymoreWe launch the miner from Claymore with the help of the .bat file, which contains your settings for mining.Go to the folder "Remote manager", which is located in the folder with the Claymore miner and run the program "EthMan.exe".If your miner is running on the same computer as EthMan, then to add your mining rig to the program, simply click the "Add Miner" button, then enter the name of the rig, enter in the IP address field, and enter in the Port input field: 3333, then click on OK.Now, in the monitoring window, you can see all the main indicators that are transmitted by the miner to the EthMan program via the JSON API in real time: Name of the rig, IP and port, time of the miner, current hashrayt, temperature of all GPUs and fan rotation speed, mining pool, miner version.If the miner is running on the computer on which you run the program for monitoring EthMan, then instead of IP you should enter the IP address of your rig in the local network. (e.g. or other).In addition, you can change the port number of the miner to get statistics. To do this, in the .bat file of your miner simply add the additional parameter "-mport new port number", for example, "-mport 3444". And when adding a barn to the monitoring program, do not forget to specify this particular port later.In order for the miner to give correct results, in the "Options" tab of the Claymore's Miner Manager specify the Main Coin Name: Zcash, Second Coin Name: -, Speed units: KH / s. Then click "Save Settings".By default, the monitoring program on the 8000 port has an http web server installed, with which you can monitor the statistics of your rigs directly through the browser. To do this, simply enter in the address bar of your browser. the port can be changed in the settings of the monitoring program.Supported: • Claymore's miner 15.0 support • Phoenix miner 4.7 c+support • Ethminer +Support • Support Cast XMR + • Dstm v0 support.5.4+ • Support EWBF b+ • XMR-Stak support • Srbminer 1.5.2+Support • Support For XMRig + • Support For Bminer + • Support for ccminer + • Z-enemy 1.12+support • Support JCE Cryptonote + • Support T-Rex + • Detailed statistics for each GPU miner • Remote control for Claymore miner • Alert if miner is offline • Low hashrate alert • Alarm at high temperature GPU • Easy setup - one IP address for all miners • DNS name support • View miner with password (in the miner is set by the-mpsw parameter) • Conversion of Hasrat • View miner console • Simple and user-friendly interface
  3. Teamredminer v0.5.9 ReleaseThis is an optimized miner for AMD GPUs created by todxx and kerney666.For questions/comments about chukwa or cryptonight algorithms, please post in this.This is the cuckarood29, cuckatoo31, mtp, x16rv2, x16r, x16rt, x16s, lyra2rev3, lyra2z, and phi2 thread for this miner.Algorithms: Cryptonight R (monero) Cryptonight v8 turtle (turtlecoin, loki) Cryptonight v8 half (stellite, masari) Cryptonight v8 double (x-cash) Cryptonight v8 reverse waltz (graft) Cryptonight v8 upx2 (uPlexa) Cryptonight v8 Cryptonight heavy Cryptonight haven (haven) Cryptonight saber (bittube) Cryptonight conceal (conceal) Chukwa (trtl) x16rv2 (rvn) x16r (rvn) x16s (pgn, xsh) x16rt (veil, gin) MTP (zcoin) Cuckarood29 (grin) Cuckatoo31 (grin) Lyra2rev3 (vtc) Lyra2z Phi2 (lux, argoneum) GPUs Supported and Tested: RX 580/570/480/470 on windows and linux with rocm or amdgpu-pro drivers RX Vega 64/56, Vega FE on windows and linux with rocm or amdgpu-pro/PAL drivers RX 560/550 on windows and linux with rocm or amdgpu-pro drivers Radeon VII on windows and linux with rocm or amdgpu-pro/PAL drivers Windows/Linux download available here:Download teamredminer v.0.5.9API: The miner includes a read-only api based on the sgminer-5.5 API.Both the json and text formats are supported. For more details, we refer to the sgminer api documentation.Software Requirements: Supported GPU driver (see GPUs Supported above) For chukwa, mtp, cryptonight algos and lyra2rev3 on linux, only amdgpu-pro drivers are supported. Version 18.30 or newer is needed for Vegas. ROCm is not supported. This miner includes the following dev fees: Cryptonight R: 2.5% Cryptonight v8 turtle: 2.5% Cryptonight v8 half: 2.5% Cryptonight v8 double: 2.5% Cryptonight v8 reverse waltz: 2.5% Cryptonight v8 upx2: 2.5% Cryptonight v8: 2.5% Cryptonight heavy: 2.5% Cryptonight haven: 2.5% Cryptonight saber: 2.5% Cryptonight conceal: 2.5% Chukwa 2.5% x16rv2 2.5% x16r 2.5% x16s 2.5% x16rt 2.5% MTP 2.5% Cuckarood29 2.5% Cuckatoo31 2.5% Lyra2rev3: 2.5% Lyra2z: 3% Phi2: 3% For reporting bugs and/or for features requests please make a post here and we'll do our best to respond.Any feedback would be appreciated.Features In Development: New Algorithms Pool Failover Changes in v0.5.9 Added x16rv2 for the upcoming Ravencoin fork. Optimization work on x16r: +8-10% hashrate depending on clocks. Optimization work on x16r: mem clock no longer as important. Issue fix: kernels split into multiple binaries to fix linux amdgpu-pro driver issues. Changes in v0.5.8 Added Chukwa-512 algo For Turtlecoin (trtl_chukwa). Issue fix: kernels not loaded properly for Conceal. Issue fix: added logic for pool reconnect on N rejected shares in a row (see --pool_max_rejects=N). Changes in v0.5.7 Added CN conceal algo for Conceal (CCX). Added cuckarood29 algo for grin. Changes in v0.5.6 MTP improvements for Vega and Polaris (+1-3% hashrate, improved efficiency, esp Polaris) Changes in v0.5.5 Added cuckatoo31 algo for grin. Changes in v0.5.4 Fixed API bug for MTP, crashing when using Awesome Miner. Small MTP improvements, mostly for Polaris. Changes in v0.5.3 Added MTP algo for Zcoin/XZC (please read MTP_MINING.txt before mining). Further small stabilization fixes for CN variants, primarily 4MB algos. Changes in v0.5.2 Bugfix release only, no new added algos or features. Fix for 1-2% degraded hashrate on Radeon VIIs in some scenarios. Fix for Radeon VII allocation bug, causing hw errs. Fix for allocation bug causing crashes for some drivers and gpus. Changes in v0.5.1 Added better support for CN intensities 16*15, use --allow_large_alloc under Linux. Added --no_ntime_roll for mining x16rt on e.g. bsod.pw. Added Tonga device recognition. Better error reporting for pool communication issues. Changes in v0.5.0 Added cryptonight 4MB variants: heavy, haven and saber. Added x16 algo suite: x16r, x16s, x16rt (both gin and veil). Auto-tuning mode for all CN variants, see bundled guide. Manual key-driven CN tuning mode available inside the miner. Additional data in miner stats console output. Watchdog now detecting single stuck thread when mining CN. Fix: in rare cases, poolside hash for compute algos (lyra2z, phi2, lyra2rev3) only reached ~95% of expected value. Changes in v0.4.5 Added cryptonight v8 upx2 for the uPlexa coin fork. Reworked init procedure, added retry logic on comm errors. Added section on temps to the CN_MAX_YOUR_VEGA guide. Added a new howto MAP_YOUR_GPUS describing how to map gpus between miner/tools/registry. Changes in v0.4.4 Added * mode specifically for modded timings on Vega GPUs. Use with e.g. --cn_config=15*15. This mode is now the default for Vegas. Introduced slow start/ramp-up. Threads increase their workload slowly at start or restart after e.g. a network outage. Added interleave adjustment logic. Readjusts the two threads per gpu over time to make sure they don't gravitate and get stuck. Added support for forcing colors (--force_color) for windows redirected consoles (git bash, cygwin, node.js). Added hotkey menu system (show stats, enable/disable gpu). Changes in v0.4.3 Added cryptonight v8 turtle (--algo cnv8_trtl) algo for coins such as turtle coin and loki. Added support for running CN mining single-threaded using Y+0 configurations. Changed the auto config mode for Radeon VII to L30+0 as a temporary setting. Changes in v0.4.2 Added cryptonight v8 half (--algo cnv8_half) algo for coins such as stellite and masari. Added cryptonight v8 double (--algo cnv8_dbl) algo for coins such as x-cash. Added cryptonight v8 reverse waltz (--algo cnv8_rwz) algo for coins such as graft. Added support for running devices on multiple OpenCL platforms. Fixed more issues with console colors on older windows versions. Added more cpu verification optimization for CN/R. CN/R cpu usage should decrease ~70%. Changes in V0.4.1 Removed server name verification for SSL connections. (Pools like supportxmr now work with SSL) Fixed bug causing GPUs to fail to initialize on some systems. Fixed bug causing GPUs to only run one thread (but display 2x hashrate) Fixed bug where having GPU_MAX_WORKGROUP_SIZE set too high would cause GPUs to crash. Fixed bug where older windows versions would get no console output. Added work-around for driver bug in linux amdgpu-pro drivers resulting in low pool-side hash for polaris cards in rare cases. Added some cpu verification optimizations. CN/R cpu usage should decrease about 15%. Changes in v0.4.0 Added cryptonight R support. (--algo cnr) Added support for ssl/tls pool connections using the stratum+ssl:// prefix. Added colors (and an option to disable them). Slight performance increase for lyra2rev3 (~0.5%). Fix for occasional crashes when pool disconnects. Added more messages regarding not being connected to dev pool. Changed printing to not block mining progress if stdout writes block. Changes in v0.3.10Slight performace improvement for Vegas on lyra2rev3Pool stratum protocol work-arounds for some pools, fixing duplicate share error.Changed handling of unrecognized pool rpcs to be ignored instead of causing a reconnect.Fix for duplicate shares on 480/580/Vega56 cards with lyra2rev3.Changes in v0.3.9Added support for lyra2rev3 on amdgpu-pro and windows. ROCm support coming in later version.Fixed API bug with not reporting dead GPUsChanges in v0.3.8Added support for fan speed and temperatures.Added watchdog function for gpu init stuck, dead gpu, over-temp gpu, and non-responding pool.Added new optional ‘L’ config prefix for low-end cards like lexa/baffin for a 10+% speed-up on some cardsAdded an option for writing out a log file.Added cycling through multi-entry dns records when connecting to pools.Added a pool-connect timeout.Added measurement and displaying of pool response times.Added support for 80-byte headers for Phi2 algo (for non-LUX coins).Slightly tuned the ‘+’ mode for polaris, some GPUs will show slight performance increase.Fixed bug with API interface occasionally getting stuck.Changes in v0.3.7Redesigned GPU initialization, should now be less error prone.Added clean shutdown to reduce driver/GPU crashes.Added staggered GPU start-up to reduce GPU crashes.Added CPU verification for CNv8 and associated --no_cpu_check option.Fixed crash on pool authentication error.Added --pool_broken_rpc work-around option for pools that violate json rpc spec.Added option to reorder by PCIe bus numbers.Added --list_devices option to show available devices.Added changed stats formatting to indicate which numbers are accepted/rejected/hw-error shares.Added uptime to stats.Changes in v0.3.6Added support for Rx550 cards (gfx804).Improved stability on larger rigs, especially with weaker cpus.Improved error reporting on failed initialization.Changes in v0.3.5Changed GPU initialization to be sequential by default and added --init_style option for faster init styles.Fixed network buffer size issue preventing the use of very long usernames/passwords/rig_ids.Added opencl platform auto-detection for AMD platforms when --platform is not specified.Changes in v0.3.4Added CryptoNight v8 (CNv2) supportChanged stats display to include pool hashrate and better formattingAdded parallel GPU initializationAdded output of submitted/accepted/rejected shares.Changed hashrate reported to be full GPU hashrate (previously hashrate reported was after dev fee deduction)Changes in v0.3.3ROCm support reintroducedAPI support based on the sgminer APIImproved GPU platform detectionPCIe bus id printed on startup and is available over APIAdded option for periodic stats intervalChanges in v0.3.2Added windows support/buildAdded vega PAL driver supportRemoved ROCm support (temporarily)Removed libjansson dependencyChanges in v0.3.1Fixed phi2 issues with rejected shares and low pool-side hashrate.
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