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  1. Any word on the contest? I don’t want to sound pushy or anything, just wondering if I should let lady luck decide if I get that speedpad or if I should get it for Christmas myself.
  2. Hahaha, glad I wear headphones. Roommates wouldn’t have liked it at 1am with speakers blaring. Hey it's spike, you get your heatsinks/ps/other stuff yet?
  3. Yes and no. Depending on the board (mainly asus) people were having issues with it crackling. Sometimes a bios update works, sometimes only a RMA would. One of my asus a7n8x boards gives me feedback every time I click on something within windows or scroll. Just one of those other quirky type of deals. Regarding the onboard video, those were pretty much most of the issues. Most of the time they either worked or they didn’t out of the box. It was pretty rare for them to act up later on, but not unheard of.
  4. From my experience with onboard graphics it’s pretty much a hit or miss relationship. I have done about 20 systems with the onboard nf2’s and about half of them had to be rma’ed from the get go. They are notoriously finicky about the ram. You can have two otherwise identical sticks (timing and brand) and one will bsod and the other wont. One will work great for month and start showing artifacts (since the onboard is using your system ram), then switch back to a stick that didn’t work before and everything is peachy. Or order 2 boards at the exact same time and one stick of ram will work in one but not the other. Seriously, onboard graphics for the nf2 is whacko. Most of the problems came from poorly cooled northbridges. Onboard graphics get those things cooking. Even with upgraded cooling and a 80mm fan blowing directly on it doesn’t help sometimes. Finally I gave up and started purchasing the cheapest nf2’s available and putting a gf2 mx400 in them. Maybe 10-20$ more but worth it. You could still give onboard a try though. If you order from a place like newegg the only thing you have to worry about is downtime.
  5. Same case - $85 NEC 16x DL burner - $64 Same floppy - $8 Seagate 160gb 8mb cache - $103 Mushkin pc3200 512mb - $72 Same modem - $5 Same Mobo - $79 Same Proc - $104 Should come out to about the same price. I chose a different burner because Liteon dvdrw drives do not live up to the liteon reputation. Their cdrw drives are some of the industries best but they dropped the ball this time around. NEC dvdrw drives are excellent and you will not be disappointed. The hd was a easy choice. 5 year warranty on all Seagate drives. I have had enough problems with hds so a 5 year warranty can’t be beat. Seagate drives are also quiet and run cool. Mushkin ram, while there really isn’t anything wrong with Samsung mushkin is some of the best. I don’t know what this system will be used for so I can’t comment on anything else. Who knows, post is kinda old so I prob wasted my time.
  6. Excellent lineup of prizes. I would be happy with any of em. That speed pad is pretty interesting though. Good luck everyone.
  7. 75$ per 512 stick of corsair value select. Lifetime warranty. 76$ per 512 stick of muskin. Lifetime warranty. - Better timings than the corsair. You can also go for kingston or one of the other brands. All of the ones I mentioned are pc3200. All through newegg.
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