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    Ensure the preservation of America's 2nd Amendment Rights as stated in the U.S Bill of Rights and ensure your privacy via cryptographic means. 2ACoin's focus is to provide funding to the National Rifle Association (NRA) via the technological capabilities provided by today's cryptocurrency market. Proof of Work - CryptoNight (Cryptonight-Lite v7) Block Time - 90 Seconds Block Size - 2 x M100 (median size of last 100 blocks) Block Reward - Smoothly Decreasing (see block explorer for last reward) Difficulty Retargeting - Every Block POW Mining - CPU/GPU (ASIC Resistant) Total Coin Supply - 17.91 million coins NRA Support Pre-Mine - 1.791 million coins (10%) Admin/Bounty Pre-Mine - 358,200 coins (2%) 🔹 Website https://www.2acoin.org/ 🔹 Pool https://arms.codpool.com/ 🔹 Github https://github.com/2acoin 🔹 Announcement https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4738943.60 🔹 Github https://github.com/2acoin 🔹 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/2acoin 🔹 Twitter https://twitter.com/2ACoin 🔹 Discord https://discord.gg/N5GQ8HT
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