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    i am here, just not posting much, sorry:(
  2. AH, I had no idea that you do so many other things:).
  3. Just uploaded a good read on how to tweak your XP, go to our download section to dl. http://www.computingondemand.com/files/paf...tion=file&id=10
  4. merry xmas to you guys too.
  5. I hate you, Bruceleeon. You didn't choose me . Nah, congrat to all winners. You know, I got your email early morning, and thought I won, 'cause you say the winner is, so I thought I won, but when I read that my name is not there, I was sad. Then I got another email says winners, I thought maybe there's a mistake or something, but then it's just correction of the format. Man, I was so wishing to win that case.
  6. I thought that I have won everything.
  7. HARD to guess what's new since I don't remember too much what the old page looks like plus there's nothign says this is new:). anyhow, I like the new page.
  8. I like it. I like the cleaness of the site.
  9. how come your profile only says Posts: 1,649?
  10. Hope I am a great kid this year and Santa(I guess in this case the UPS guy ) can bring me a big box of present
  11. next 2 weeks, I will not be receiving my case for the Xmax:(. Well, maybe it will be a great gift for new year:). That's of course, I win the case, hehe, I really wanna that case.
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