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  1. For anyone sees this anytime in the future... LO1 is probably the best alliance in terms of generous donations towards the Watch Signal. Anyone who plays the game for a considerable time knows how important it is to have maxed-out troops in the WS. So, in this regard, the current emperor @Byzantiquitus and the lords, for ex, @titoqan are doing excellent job. Of course, there are others who donate regularly. But, @Byzantiquitus tops the list. I am one of the players in LO1 (as of this writing). I am bit unhappy with some recent developments in LO1. So, I might move away at any time in
  2. Yep. I noticed it too. Happy with your current position (at the top of the league). Congrats, BBQ and everyone involved! It's true of every alliance. So, LO1 is no different. We always have players becoming inactive by the end of the season. I simply bring in newbies at that time using one of my alt accounts and using the recruitment thread in the official forum. However, I have been unhappy lately with some latest developments in LO1. So, I am slowing things down with respect to my involvement in there. Also, I am spending more time at work. So, can't do recruitment as earlier. S
  3. Sorry, but we don't need any low crown (and generally inactive) members. We have been almost full for several weeks. As we get new active member, we kick out the least inactive member. That's how things are in LO1 so far. @Byzantiquitus As the emperor of LO1, I'd go with your decision on this.
  4. @Byzantiquitus When we make an aggressive player (or a player with the highest crowns) as emperor, it gives a false sense of feeling that anyone can become emperor just using crowns. It can also lead to bad leadership. As a person who has multiple alt accounts, I have seen a lot of emperors losing their (die-hard) lords due to their attitude towards other players and lords. In one alliance, the other lords (and nobles) formed a similar alliance (with the same name) and then went on to overcome the original alliance in terms of overall crown count. I think it is "Indian Emperors 5" or "Uni
  5. I joined LO2 around June too (now in LO1). @kaptainkronic93 was (and still is) one of my inspirations to join LO in general. How are the things in LO2 now?
  6. Now, @titoqan is one of the active donors in LO1. How much he has progressed! Wow!
  7. Combination of both. Earlier, I was active recruiting in AOE:CS forum. Then PinkCube has taken over. As mentioned in another thread here, we created a sense of urgency to join us. Once, we had over 30 inactive players. Our active donors, ex: @Byzantiquitus, were bit frustrated with inactive players, because they even spent gold to donate to WS. One of our lords even kicked out players at random (out of frustration). Then, we agreed that all inactives should go. Then, we had a long term plan. We recruited the lower age players who were filled in just to replace the inactive players. They are ha
  8. Sorry for going off-topic. Every alliance (even those in the leaderboard) is going to suffer from inactives at some point. That's why it is important to give space for new players (even those who start from Age 1). We have been recruiting new players for the past couple of months or so and it's been working well so far. Some of them became good attackers and are in age 7+ now, with a reasonable crown count. Having such players isn't going to cost anything for an alliance (such as troop donations towards the Watch Signal, because they don't get attacked as often as age 8+ players). We always ma
  9. @Byzantiquitus Seems we will be active again here, especially after Age X shows up in less than a week!
  10. I am one of the previous emperors of LO1 (taken over by accident from @starbeast007). Initially, I was with LO2. StarBeast requested a few people to help LO1. So, went to where I am now. I do wish to see the old guys (and girls) back in action. We do have a bunch of inactive players who have been with us for long that makes us hard to kick them out considering the crowns they have. Fortunately, we are full at the moment with a lot of age 3/4/5/6 players joined lately.
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