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  1. Are we planning to push recruiting on the aoe forum as well?
  2. Yeah, agreed with the empower roles bbq. As for a lord going rogue, have we had that in the past? That's why I like the idea of lords being around for a decent time before nomination, because we know them and they have the best interest for the alliance, so are confident of promoting them. High crowns is good but doesn't mean they will stick around. I would think higher crowns is going to come with higher activity and so lords are more likely to have higher counts (but obviously not always the case!)
  3. Personally I like the system of nominating lords and rewarding for activity etc. I like to know that they have been around a while and are committed to the alliance. We had a couple who joined LO3 recently and were really active in chat and were great to have in there, but they were nominated early in thier stay and didn't hang about.... Just vanished. (I found one and attacked them last week too mwahahaha!) I think it also helps identify key players to ask stuff when people are new to an alliance. Provides a bit of stability and authority coming from trusted players when they say stuff.
  4. As I sit and wait for the server to come back on line, it has given me a bit of time to reflect on this alliance. I joined it just over a year ago. I had been in two low level alliances briefly prior to joining LO. I had managed to get up around 1000c at age 6, which was a pretty good effort I thought. But the alliance I had just joined was starting to die and a few key players left, so I went off in search of somewhere new. After a bit of searching online, I found some of info on this place. The name won me over immediately. I assumed they were ranked and so I didn't want to try f
  5. Well done on the league win guys! A solid effort. We added over 7k in crowns and held it for first place! So good! So, time now to pack your bag and move over to LO4 and consolidate this great alliance. It's a long term goal to consolidate then rebuild LO 3 and return this great alliance to its former glory, with multiple strong, United alliances. We appreciate all your help and commitment to this group!
  6. We are first place now . Yeah baby! Lets take this league and go out on a high!
  7. I vote each way. This hasn't helped things lol. I am really fine either way... Although taking bragging rights with us does sound like a bit of fun.
  8. I am with you bbq. No point having half active, half full alliances, when we could combine and have a strong alliance. These are going to be hard work to revive and if no one is taking the reigns to do so, then making one alliance that is strong, then we have A few stronger ones that we can use to potentially rebuild the others slowly. Not sure that makes perfect sense, but it did in my head. Anyway, I am keen to have fewer stronger alliances rather than many weaker ones. I would love to see the strong ones attract more players that would one day lead to the abandoned ones being re
  9. I need the password too. Can someone pass it along to me when they get the chance. Thanks.
  10. Seems like a lot of crickets in this forum too. Not much action on here like there was when I first joined 12 months ago
  11. I will be traveling from sep 20 for about 2 weeks. Limited internet so will not be on much at all.
  12. Currently at 48 players in LO 2 now. should we start transferring th LO3 lords back over to keep spots open and start pushing LO3 in the forums? It's easy enough to find an old LO3 recruiting thread and stat pushing that once LO2 is full. I don't want to bump it until LO2 is sorted though.
  13. if i come home and find my room painted a different colour, there will be tantrums ?
  14. Heya gang! We are one large crown player short of the leaderboard. Would really appreciate it if at least one more jumped over for the next couple of weeks and see if we can recruit some more players. It could really benefit both alliances if we can get up there and gain some recruits. Not pushing anyone if they don't want to but please consider it... Just for a short visit. Consider it like taking a holiday ?
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