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  1. For those who have problem getting in the game, after the 21th maintenance, go in the window store, and just ''sync'' the game... It fixed the problem for me... On all my accounts. You can ''sync'' your app, in the exact same place where you ''manually'' update the game. I hope it helps some of you.
  2. Hello, I just finished installing the latest patch, 1.16, for windows 8.1, on my desktop. I downloaded the patch through the Window Store... Now, every time i try to log in, after the castle logo, the game crashes.
  3. I was thinking...maybe you could apply what we do in LO 2... switch hat from times to times... So you feel less pressure from leadership. Not saying to drop leadership, just change, from times to times, with someone you trust. Then you switch back. One or two players could help you in the emperor task. And i keep believing that this game is NOT a race... The crowns will come as we all have or fun, and as we keep helping each othters
  4. For me, the important thing is companionship... The crowns will come as we move on. I have alts in more competitive LO's... I will go with the flow... Change or no change. Let's keep in mind that this game is anything BUT a race. A month is short time, stuff take long ANYWAYS...so why rush people with a crown count?
  5. ok thx... sorry for late reply. Thx for your help. 8)
  6. indeed, and i tried the same approach...i never was able to do so... Cheat?
  7. Hi guys... Watch that image, and the red circle... Is that normal that this guy has gates with only one road on one side, and buildings on the other side? Here is the image:
  8. Hi all! At the moment, i can't chat or make any announcements... When i go on the chat page, i have a black text saying: ''Your Xbox settings for voice and text are preventing you from using chat. Go to xbox.com to change your settings...'' First, i never went to xbox account, to change anything secondly, once i go there, xbox.com's setting, i look everywhere, and can't find anything related to voice or text... Thirdly, i uninstalled and re-installed the game...it did not fix it... Finally, i only play on my PC Laptop... I use no phone, tablet, pad, or any other devices... Any
  9. i got my answer form the devs... It's a bug on the map... They will fix it... In next patch...
  10. I am on a PC, and trust me i can't pinpoint that exact same area
  11. I mean, this guy is starting from outside the board... Now, i am trying to post that screenshot to the game website, but i do not know how... I got my post there, but can't seem to be able to load the image in my post... So again, is that guy a cheater?
  12. Hello everyone! This is my first post... I'd like to start by saying that i am sorry for the rusty english... It will improve as i fraternise with you all. I am very happy with the Leftovers, and i think the alliance diserves the best. Now, the main reason for theis post, is this link: http://forums.ageofempires.com/topic/11948-updated-1024-known-issues-with-113-report-your-issues-here-as-well/ it explains that the devs are aware about the many bugs, and are already working on it... They are talking about gold compensation... Thx for reading my very first post. I wish you a very good ni
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