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  1. I think LPAD cast his vote.... LOL
  2. I think the push would be fun. I originally did not want to wait that long for the move, but I now am thinking it would be a good last hurrah for LO3 until it can be rebuilt.
  3. We may have a run at 1st before we move.... We are currently second and Sb thinks he can get 3k, Star 3k, I can get 1 and Plushy can get 1. I'm thinking it would be a good hurrah and a lot of fun before we move over.
  4. I did thank you. I was able to read the posts there now =D. I also would like to see The LeftOvers doing well. I enjoy playing with most of you. ;p
  5. I only see one link to the thread from LO3 section. I see a No permission block, is that the link to another thread?
  6. @Mrmicklow I've never seen a ton of stuff going on here, but it is nice to use for more serious threads and ones you want to track. We can maybe promote more use of it in game? @starbeast007 I'm not thinking @kaptainkronic93 would like that idea, but I could be wrong.
  7. Have the Emps of 2 and 4 had any thing to say yet? or is this post prior to that talk?
  8. Sasuke (alt: ReplacedLeaf) is out until Oct. Sassy and Sylk are traveling for a couple weeks.
  9. I'm not quite sure the leaderboards do us any good really. I did note however that keeping the post bumped seems to work. the more views and the more time we spend at the top of the recruitment forum the more we seem to get to come. Although they are lower crown members.
  10. I've been hitting the jackpot a bit more. When you get coins there its not too shabby. I think the best bet is Just to keep attacking for wins and ignore the leaderboards until you max everything.
  11. Hey BBQ, Once we get some more new members here in 2. We should re-activate this old post. I'll probably head back over to LO3 for a bit when this league is closer to finished.
  12. We've been getting some traction and I think the other posts have helped out! I bumped today but will start nagging again tonight/tomorrow.
  13. Now that LO2 is on the leader board at a higher rank, I will probably migrate back over just before the next league starts and donate some wood to the cause.
  14. Why is it so hard to get other peeps to bump the recruiting thread. We should try and push for different people to bump the thread as we only are allowed one bump per day. If it came from different shims I know I would be more likely to join. Especially if they say one line or so about how they like the Alliance for what ever reason. Even if its to say Hi one million times a day. LOL
  15. I will probably use this trick when I go resource hunting. I just did some calculations on unit cost of resources and I'm thinking you would get more bang for your gold attacking for resources. Using this method the return would be a lot greater.
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