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  1. Hey Montorian, I felt the same way when I got to age 7. Now things are a little stabilized. Every attack is a struggle and my defenses are balanced, the opponent needs to be better than me to win. However, I just started upgrading my troops. What helped me a lot with my attacks is trebuchet protection and Charles Martell on level 2. I also choose my battles very carefully!! First I calculate if I can win, then the crowns cap. I usually look for battles that worth from 12 to 20 crowns. I realize it is low, but I'd rather have a small win than a major loss. In witch age are you in? Better luck man!!
  2. Hey Guys, whenever you need a English > Portuguese translator, feel free to ask me. If everyone who speaks English as a second language post here his main speaking language we may have a translation team to help on those situations...
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