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  1. Montorian65


    I forgot to come here an tell you all I was going to be gone for a few due to landlord selling our place an wasn't sure if was going to have to move or if new owner was gonna let us stay well I am back now please don't kick me as am still a lil on an off unpackin stuff. Thanks
  2. Thanks all for your input was very helpful.
  3. Age 7 the only thing I have not upgraded for the most part was walls because used the stone to upgrade towers an ballis. Have TK to 3 rest am workin on need pens for them. I try an pick good battles I know some I have lost cuz I either didn't see because was dealin with diff troops an others went off on their own or I told them to do one thing an they did another lol.
  4. Sorry folks but am getting so frustrated as of late I rearrange my Def got some help with it, it worked fine for a minute then with this last patch I do not know. I went from 400 crowns slowly climbing the ladder and not I barely have 300 an cant seem to get a Def win or an Att win. I have almost everything capped out for my lvl so not really sure why such a 180 on wins an losses. Any help would be welcome because I don't want to get the boot :P. TYVM
  5. cool cool I thought it was 5 an up cav lol
  6. Well my 2 cents is figure out what lingo they do speak an use google translate to send them a message. It is a world wide game you wouldn't want someone to do that to you now would you?
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