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  1. titoqan


    hello from the leftovers, we too, not pressing forward for a league win, but are working on wonder donations. Currently building kizhi (only need wood) 90% and Basilica is at 63% (50% stone done). We have built and upgraded all of tower of London. come on over if you want to see how things are going. Byzantiquitus is doing a good job as Emperor. Titoqan :-)
  2. I still stop by and check things out Biz :-)
  3. I like the percentage idea too... It is easier to have a higher % change with a lower crown count, so it is a good motivator for advancing.
  4. just wondering what the rules for donating troops in LO 1? I have come from LO5. thanks Titoqan
  5. plushysky, more than likely he was within the crown range at the start of the season, and he has been very active gaining crowns. I know in my league the top 10 players were all above the range last season. good thing about it is that next season they won't be in your league.
  6. I just remembered, Montorian65, said he will be traveling for the next couple of weeks, about a week ago, so Feb. 12th. Do not boot for inactivity. thanks, Titoqan
  7. great job!!! I do enjoy watching the carnage of your attacks. Maybe Leftover's will be alliance of the day now ;-)
  8. did you know that your ppt file is 32.2 MB not on wifi at the moment. How many slides do you have?
  9. titoqan


    I am at the lvl where it costs 40k food to upgrade and they only do 6 damage. So I am stopping for a bit. thank you for the feed back!
  10. titoqan


    just wondering who upgrades these defensive traps, and to what lvl.
  11. thanks for the info I will report what I experience.
  12. hello, I have a question dealing with ladderman. What do they do when there is a double thick wall? Do they climb up, then down, then up second wall, and down second wall? Or do they climb up wall cross over to second wall and down the second wall? thanks for any replies Titoqan
  13. I have noticed that since the last update it is now harder to gain crowns... Well for me at least. I like the rules as they are. IMHO :P
  14. wow, who has time for two accounts?
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