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  1. Yo leftovers,

    I am right now in president's men. My this alliance is doing good in leagues. I will be back to Leftovers once these leagues gets over after 4 Days.

    So, I request THE EMPEROR to keep one place vacant for me :lol:. I hope to see you all soon. I also hope you all are doing great in leagues individually as well as a team. ^_^

  2. ya shacronire. I have friend in PM's main alliance. even mrozona Herbert who has an account in leftovers is also here. I am just in PM for first league experience and see how things go in this new system

    and ya after two weeks when this league gets over I shouldn't attack to be eligible for other alliance.

  3. Hi friends,

    as leagues are going to start. I have decided to have new experience with new alliance. so for first league, I am in presidentz men. I will return as soon as first league gets over.

    I hope you understand

  4. Hey Guys,

    since yesterday, I am not able to open my game. as soon as I click on tile of age of empires, it starts with Microsoft studios and then suddenly crashes. I tried to reinstall game but it didn't work. so for now I cant play the game. anyone who can help on this matter.

  5. I have considered above schools because they rank high in my field and are affordable. I know that cost of masters is very high in America and for international student it is sky high.


    @paladin tech. thanks for ratings and I have analyzed them: they were helpful. Michigan has fees of about $40000 per year which is huge for me.

    @Bruceleeon. They may be nice universities for other field but they are not listed for masters in aerospace engineering

    @The BBQ Kid I have information about Wichita state university but not sure about their graduate program. it is also not listed in the top school for aerospace engineering.

    @middleagedguy, Ya I agree. Austin is nice

  6. I have 5 choices for universities

    1) Georgia tech

    2) University of texas at Austin and also A&M university at college station

    3) University of Maryland, college park

    4) Virginia tech

    5) North Carolina state university at Rayleigh.

    these are my options and I consider above choices as better than most of available for aerospace. so what do you all say?

  7. Hey Guys,

                     I know this forum is for discussing game related stuff. but, right now I am stuck in between what to choose and what not to.

    I am planning to do my masters in aerospace engineering from USA. but, I hardly know about the locality and surroundings of universities. due to this, I am not able to finalize my university.

    If some of you have some knowledge about various factors like cost of living, crime rate etc. of various cities of US than it would be very helpful.

    moreover I plan to stay in east or may be south of USA so do inform me accordingly in this forum.

    if anyone responds from his/her experience it will be very helpful.

    Thanks beforehand :-)

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