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  1. Hello Leftovers ...its bin a while, i ve posted anything on forum... Couple of weeks ago..on the chat.. i discussed a way of attack with cornard and Ram rush.. And Our emperor SB did it specially for me ...thanks SB...i am just showing you the screenshot to keep it in record ..i thing we r doing it for the first time. so just naming it after our alliance..."LEFTOVER's SPEAR" i hope others will also try it n even perfect it.... well the purpose is to go into the castle through one side n come out of the other. no matter how many walls comes in the way. looks like a s
  2. I agree to donvin ...as LO4, ( considering current Situation) is an offensive alliance..who believes in attacking as the best kind of defence...i d go for attack first ...then defence ...n then resources...so at Level 1... #1 : Tower of London #2: Kizhi Pogost #3:Basilica of San Vitale Will vote on that too...rest still in suspense how it all s gonna work
  3. Goofy ...well i learned that at a very early stage when i use to run out of power in between battles to always ensure my battery to be above 20% before i go for an attack....well usually an attack uses 5% of ur battery at a time but its the battle search that consumes most of time and battery, sometimes i had to keep searching for about 45 min...for the right kind of opponent...and then recruiting new troops checking chats and stats...takes rest of the battery.... The re-fortification is the most battery consuming process.., n the .i ve seen battery drop from 100 to 10% in 30 min while rearra
  4. Hello Warriors...well, Yday i was reading an article by a Leading Entrepreneur From Singapore about His book....the First Quote was... " INSTEAD OF LOOKING FOR NEXT BIG THING ...LOOK FOR THE NEXT BIG PROBLEM..." And here the problem is " Disconnection" which is universal..and cannot be questioned either... I ve bin trying this system on my lumia phone and its giving me 100% result whenever i use it...and go through the attack without any disconnection. When the troops are ready. Heroes have Trained and Mentally you are motivated enough to take down those shims ...here are few steps to
  5. hi guys ..thanx a ton for sharing thoughts ...hey Urmomatoo ....glad to see u approaching 1k....well see ...for me cornards success rate is more then martel....all i do is drop 8 Rams n Charge em with cornard and no matter how many walls or towers surround it ...it brings down the keep in 1 command ...i learned that from LO1 Shim the old tank guys...u can go through my attacks as every 2nd or 3rd attack is with cornard now...but for that i ve to equip n change the Troop order as there ll be less or no trebs ...with cornard and Rams today i ve tried to drop 4 to 5 ladder men too...as cornard an
  6. Every Morning when we wake up or if we log-in after a gap of 5 - 6 Hrs it’s easy to choose Combination of heroes...as mostly we go for Charles Martel and Alexander Nevsky as first option and second option after an hour of training is Conrad the Elder and Saladin and an hour later Edward the Black Prince and Winrich von Kniprode are one of the most trusted options available but after that the real confusion begins or say either we should wait for another 3 - 4 hours to get in to the cycle again. Actually what happens is..(It’s my experience) I win three attacks with these combinations and
  7. " wherever we roam...we are lords of leftovers...expanding realms of LEFTOVERS..."
  8. My rendezvous with Ferrari California T...last night
  9. just starting it as a topic ...to share individual activities actions or updates. Post anything u want us to see...
  10. I agree to erroneous...after formation of LO5 some initiative can be implemented... my actual purpose was to wake up all the members who are in higher ages 6, 7 & 8 and they are well aware about attacking tactics but still under performing n taking things lightly. being senior members of alliance its their responsibility to lift LO first. i know its just a days job or just a matter of 5 - 6 successful attacks for them to acquire 100 crowns. there r ups and downs of the game...its rare to find someone rising without falling but what matters is keep fighting...
  11. Eat...drink...earn...sleep...repeat

  12. well this my first topic or say suggestion to forum. LO5 is ready to rise n few days back mike was discussing about the next target of LO4 TO BE IN TOP 200.Mike I d like to suggest if we Introduce a new rule for LO4 that every alliance member has to acquire at least 100 or 200 crowns a week minimum.n the one who could achieve that continuously for 2 weeks again will b booted.well the members on alliance duty or official leave can be made exceptional. well I think now there are 30+ serious n regular members n if we apply this rule of 100,crowns min. A week .the alliance can gain 4000 crowns
  13. Well i ve seen Chocopants and Urmamattoo pretty active in Chat and sharing their experiences ...chocopants is also regular with donations..he could be a strong contributor to Alliance Crown Tally in later ages...so guys i ll nominate em
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