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  1. I'm leaving today for a week and probably won't get to check in very often. So not a long time, but still wanted to give a heads up. Hopefully I'll have enough food for the last upgrade of my stables when I get back.
  2. So, boot the inactives in 2 to make room for the actives in 4 and delete 4? Sounds reasonable. What about 1? I'm told that's a bunch of crickets also, or is it?
  3. I had been playing since the day CS was released and was working up my merry way, slowly. The whole Alliance thing was, in my opinion, something for the hard core players, which is something I'm not and so didn't feel the need to join one. Then the Watch Signal update came down and motivated me to find one to join. I checked out a couple but no one was chatting or donating and so bounced around until I found the LO Alliances. They weren't high pressure crown ho's; just wanted to have fun playing - my kinda place. LO1 was way out of my league since I only had like 250c at the time. LO2 had a "<200"c requirement so I purposely lost battles to get my crowns below 200 to join (I know, didn't make sense to me but that's their rules, right?). Had a rough patch winning crowns there in April 2015. One day someone said I didn't have enough c, to go to the newly created LO3 and kicked me. I'm like WTF?! The "<" is a less than sign! OK, fine! So, a little chaffed, I joined LO3 to see what's up. I think I was #17 to join. Well, BBQ and everyone was really cool and helpful and have been ever since. So, this is home and you'll have to pry my cold, dead mouse from my hand. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. =D
  4. Totally ditto what Maxx said.
  5. MDTB44 has requested an excusal for the holidays. I'm thinking the shim will be back before the 14 day limit anyway.
  6. How about ProfuseCoyote?
  7. Monto, I recommend bringing your wall defenders into the inner wall. Where they're sitting they're either taken out by trebs right way or too far from the battle to do any good. You've got your high value defenses inside, which is good. Your stone stores are bunched; separate. When attacking, try to keep all troops away from Martell - they get fragged in the crossfire. Try to take out the guard houses early.
  8. Did KJB request an excusal? Shims been inactive for 26 days.
  9. I was wondering if it was sabotage from a rival alliance. He had a good week to study our individual layouts, screenshot them, drop some singles and run home. I might be a little over the top with this; conspiracy theorist style, I know.
  10. Ya, Lumpy bailing was kinda weird. Oh well, hakuna matata. You didn't do anything wrong and this, like you said, is just a bump in the road.
  11. Newbie Lord chiming in: I joined LO2 originally, but was soon booted because I dropped below the 200 minimum soon after due to Age7 curse. (I'm still a little sore about the typo on their banner at the time [<200 crown minimum. I purposely gave up crowns to join. It should have said >200]. They recommended I join the relatively new LO3 (I think I was # 17), and so here I am. The leadership here assisted me greatly and I am forever grateful. I think a coordinated policy to grow the entire LO Empire is the way. Slowly increasing the minimums of all kingdoms in sync and putting inactivity at 7-10 days for all (one attack a week isn't asking too much). Always adding a base LO kingdom to bring in new shims, seeding with rotating upper kingdom Lords for guidance. Great policy there. I'm not a fan of booting the bottom 1-2; leads to poor morale. I think the standard attrition should be enough to allow for membership 'churn'. The % per week and Age minimums are interesting ideas, but overly complex and I wouldn't want to police them. #4 is good as minimums are raised. We'd have to take those case by case for members not raising to minimums in sufficient time. Perhaps a 'voluntold' to help with the growth of a newer LO kingdom. This would take a lot of coord. between the kingdoms, but it seems that is already happening. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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