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    P4 1.8
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    3dfx Voodoo 3500 TV (Unsupported by XP)
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    ECS P4SA5/DX+
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    2 - 512 MB DDR
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    Dual Maxtor 40 GB 7200 RPM
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    XP Pro SP2 802.11g Whole house wireless LAN 1.5 Mbit DSL
  1. August 3, 2005. Microsoft rolled out another security update called 'Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (KB892130)' This (security fix) also installs an Active-X control 'MUWebControl Class' that collects various ID and BIOS information from your computer and determines whether you have a legitimate copy of Windows. This applies to all computers running Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP. For more information you can go to the Microsoft support website. Read More
  2. Mark_AR

    98 Reboots on webpage load

    Belarc advisor is kewl. Thanks for the 411.
  3. I've been looking at Win XP Media Center Edition for a whole house solution to movies, music, and more... Any discussion?
  4. If the MOBO supports Booting from USB, is it possible to create a bootable installation image on a USB thumb drive? Just wondering...
  5. Mark_AR

    98 Reboots on webpage load

    I went with 98SE. I have several that people have given me with their old computers. I only have 1 SE disk, but I go in and read the registry to get the ID Key from the old computer. Since they no longer use the computer, I re-use them where i need them, but never more than one just in case anything is ever enforced with the EULA. (doubtful) Thanks!
  6. This is different. Bought a p2 333Mhz w/96M RAM, 3 GB HD, monitor, printer, scanner, zip drive for $25.00 Fist thing I ran AVG and found 9 viruses on it. Cleaned them up. Kept running into Cannot find 'pythonizer.exe' on bootup. REmoved every pyth* from registry.start.msconfig. Reinstalled 98 from Options CABS. Now you can open IE to a blank screen. Click on any favorite or type in an address. It will load 99% of the page, then mysteriously reboot. I'm not going to fool with it. It will get FDISK'ed tomorrow. If I can't find my 98 1ED, I'll bump it up to an old ME that I'm not using any more and re-sell it. Just thought I'd share...
  7. Mark_AR

    IBM withdraws OS/2 Support!!!

    Hmm... Searchlight, WWIV, Renegade, Tri-BBS, Wildcat.... Ummm there are tons more, but those are the ones that I've tried or familiar with... All gone the way of the dodo bird and DOS... and now oS/2... too
  8. Mark_AR

    IBM withdraws OS/2 Support!!!

    I've got version 1.0. Looks like it will make its way to the burn pile when I do some more house cleaning.... Oh well... I've decided to heave out a lot of stuff I haven't used in 5+ years. Sadly, no one around here knows about OS/2, TRI-BBS, D'Bridge Front End, Barren Realms Elite, Night-Owl CD's etc..etc.. All my BBS stuff... hundreds of dollars.. up in smoke.. *sigh*
  9. Announced July 12, 2005. IBM is withdrawing support of their OS/2 operating system OS/2 Warp & OS/2 Warp Server for e-business. Effective December 31, 2006, IBM will withdraw standard support for the following products licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement. Fee-based service offerings will continue to be available. These offerings will provide support beyond December 31, 2006, via a services contract. For information about the extended support offering, contact your IBM representative. Read More Here:
  10. Mark_AR


    Kewl... There is so much more I'd 'like' to do. Some things I neglected to mention.... Currently working with a software developer on an auction program. Working as cashier & CCTV surveillance consultant at local auction house and some bigger DIY projects around my house. I am also president of a local community service org this year, so it is going to take up more of my time than normal. I run 2 different forums on MSN & Yahoo for people that have had weight loss surgery. I own 6 web-doamins of which 2 I am getting ready to transfer to the organizations that wanted them (at cost - not looking for profit on this deal) I'd also like to learn real web-mastering Frontpage/Dreamweaver/Php(not just trial and error/ 'notepad' web building like I have for the last 6 years) and also get MCSE certified. I don't know how much I can get accomplished, but I will take it step at a time. All this and still have time to occaisionally pop in to C.O.D. and post my problems or say 'HI!' Getting down off the soapbox now. Re-read my post. I'm not bragging, but kinda complaining. *grin* I need to learn to say -NO- once in a while.
  11. Mark_AR


    5 computers this week. 2-VCR's and 1 DOA DVD player. Plus, looking at the charging circuit of a Rascal Scooter.(which I know nothing about) I need to go to work, just to take a break...
  12. Mark_AR

    Windows Media WMA & Licenses

    If you haven't used Windows Media player to RIP a CD to your HD, you probably won't. (.wma formatted files) I use MusicMatch Jukebox. I bought the lifetime for $29.99 about 6 years ago before it was popular. I just found out that my iPAQ will play .mp3's so now I can load up my 512MB SD card and go mobile. I need to rip all of my CD's to a computer for a whole house media jukebox.
  13. Mark_AR

    Windows Media WMA & Licenses

    I've done some hunting... I hope that all I need to do is copy the directories & files from C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\DRM\ to her newly reformmatted drive. Otherwise she has to get a migration License for each one.
  14. Mark_AR

    ME - Laptop - No Mouse/Touchpad

    I've felt like telling a few people that myself. It's a shame that my better judgement always prevails. *evil grin*
  15. Mark_AR

    Pet- Peeve - Software You Love to Hate.

    I have: Zonealarm AVG Wireless Network x 2 Volume Control UD Agent (Cancer Research runs in background - Running 2 years 225 days 11hr 30 min as of 11 PM CT) HotSync Manager for my iPaq - Currently Off