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  1. I've had a bitch of a time managing just 4 rigs. For each of them, I created batch files to switch coins which made things easier, but I would still have to change things manually on each rig. Now I'm using SRB Miner and the Auto Algo Switching capabilities and the CryptoNote Switching Relay Proxy.  Made life much easier... just click a button and all my rigs switch to whatever coin I want from wherever I am.


  2. This coin has been experiencing a lot of instability. The frequent chain splits and daemon issues experienced by our pool, and others, has led to almost all Triton pools to shut down. The dev for Triton, Krakn, acknowledges these issues and has been hard at work to find a solution. You can follow the information flow in their discord channel (https://discord.gg/pEB3BjZ). What does this mean to you? Unfortunately, it means that many of the blocks that we found, and subsequently attempted to pay on, are invalid.

    --------------------------------------------- Google Translate ------------------------------------------------------

    Esta moneda ha estado experimentando mucha inestabilidad. Las frecuentes divisiones de la cadena y los problemas de los demonios experimentados por nuestro grupo, y otros, han llevado a casi todos los grupos de Triton a cerrarse. El desarrollador de Triton, Krakn, reconoce estos problemas y ha trabajado arduamente para encontrar una solución. Puede seguir el flujo de información en su canal de discordia (https://discord.gg/pEB3BjZ). ¿Qué significa esto para usted? Desafortunadamente, significa que muchos de los bloques que encontramos y que luego intentamos pagar no son válidos.

  3. Welcome aboard. Let's get you situated a bit. 

    General Pool Information: https://codpool.com

    Dashboard: The dashboard provides general information about the pool and the coin.

    Worker Statistics: This page will outline all the details around what your mining rigs are doing. If you have a rig identifier set in your mining application (in the password field) you can see how each rig is performing.

    To view your statistics, Enter your wallet in the field at the top of the page and click "Lookup"


    • Current Hashrate
    • Last Submitted Share
    • Total Hashes Submitted
    • Pending Balance
    • Total Paid
    • Current Payout Estimate

    Getting Started: Each Pool has a "Getting Started" page that indicates the following information:

    • Mining Pool Address
    • The Coin's Algorithm
    • The Ports
    • And a Basic Configurator

    Pool Blocks: The Pool Blocks page shows the blocks found by the pool and the information about them.

    Payments: See how much was paid out, each pool may feature a different payout schedule and amount

    Top 10 Miners: Are you on the list? If not, start adding more hash!

    Market / Calculator: Want to see how much you can make, based on the current coin's value?


    Forums: The link to these forums

    Pool Status: If you think the pool may be down, check here first. It will tell you which servers are operational and if there are any that are down.

    Settings: In Settings, you can configure your email notifications and your minimum payout amount.

    • Enter Your Miner Address
    • Enter your IP Address: for miner verifications
    • Enter Your Minimum Payout Amount
    • Enter your Email Address
    • Click Enable to enable notifications or Disable to disable notifications

    More Coins: A link back to the home page

    Discord: Our discord Chat

  4. Email notifications have been enabled on all pools. To enable notifications for yourself:

    Go to Support - Settings

    • Enter Your Miner Address
    • Enter your IP Address: for miner verifications
    • Enter your Email Address
    • Click Enable


  5. It has long been speculated that the recent increase in network hashrate was due to botnets and the increase in GPU sales, with the focus on botnet activity. It was recently discovered that there may be some bad actors at work taking advantage of a vulnerability in the popular workstation management application, Kaseya.


  6. Lately, we have been flooded with requests of how to post a picture into a thread or post. Therefore I'm going to break it down.

    1) First, you need a web host to upload the pictures to. You cannot link to a picture that is stored locally on your computer.

    The site you need to upload to must allow external linking from other sites. Your ISP may also provide you some web space, and is often the best choice.

    Other hosting sites you might want to try:

    Note that the sites above were suggested by forum members. Image hosting sites often change what they allow you to do for free. So it's possible in the future that they may prevent pictures from showing up on the forums.

    2) Create your account on the host of your choice and upload your pictures. Note the actual web address of the image you wish to link to from the forums. To do this you can right click on the picture and select properties if you are using Internet Explorer, you can highlight the web address. Note, however, that all of the address may not be showing so you may have to scroll while highlighting the address. Then right click on the highlighted address and select copy. 

    3) Now to the forums. Start a new post or thread (don't forget most of the forums already have a Gallery thread) and simply paste the URL of your image. It should automatically present the image in the editor. If this does not work, there is a button on the bottom right of this editor, "Insert other media."

    Also if anyone else has any free picture hosts that you can externally link to, PM them to a mod of that forum.


  7. Mining cryptocurrency has become something of water cooler talk at the job, it's what some of us talk about in social circles, and it is the craze that so many of us have been hearing about in the news. There is no doubt who the current cryptocurrency king is, it's Bitcoin, but that doesn't mean there aren't other worthy coins out there. There are the likes of Dash, Etherium, Litecoin, Zcash, and many more, but for me... it's Monero.

  8. If you are looking for optimized BIOS for your GPU, check out our downloads section. If your card isn't there, you can request it be added, but I will need you to attach your original BIOS to your request.

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