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  1. Those programs are suck, use this software, it's the best and FREE http://www.dbpoweramp.com/
  2. just like the title say. I want to know when memory Ram price will be back to normal.
  3. look like you are getting old. I got you a cake. Let's have fun
  4. you guys use Anti-Virus software huh even Rbreb13 used Anti-Virus software too huh that's supprise me
  5. I just got Memorex 128 on sale for $24.99 after mail in rebate and it worked fine on my computer, so I guess the other one is dead like Rbreb said
  6. hmm..... Do we need to have 4 desktops
  7. (the D-word), so look like I have to buy a new one and try to get all my stuff back
  8. I bought my USB 128MB memory storage device for about 6 months, but one day it stopped working. I tried on my computer and some of my friends computers, none of them work. Anyone know how to fix this, I got some important stuff in there Here is pic of my memory
  9. Why CD burner stops at 52x32x52x. They can't go higher than that or what. Anyone knows
  10. First, I post this to ask more about the rule, so I won't make that mistake by posting a pointless thread in this forum. Some forums allowed me to do that, maybe American forums do not allow. That's why I post in this forum to ask, and I don't think it calls spam right. Well, maybe Second, I didn't ask this forum to change any rules, I just want to know more about it. Thanks for not locked this thread because I can have a chance to reply I will edit this thread, you can delete it if you want. Thanks
  11. Tell me what do you think about it Hope you will like it
  12. Click Here It's very popular software. You never heard of that
  13. That one is suck. Use Netcaptor buddy, you will love it
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