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  1. Maxx(LO3)

    Alt account setup

    All of which is understood, understandable, and really annoying... Thanks Sblounskched
  2. Maxx(LO3)

    Alt account setup

    That seems ridiculous, but ok. That's what I thought, but I'd hoped for a less disruptive solution
  3. Maxx(LO3)

    Alt account setup

    Not clear to me whether it's a platform thing or if I'm being dumb. Can I get some guidance please on how to set up an alt on a windows PC?
  4. Maxx(LO3)

    Layout diary: ages 6-8

    Mid age 8 and a lot of details have changed. But I'm getting destroyed. Was up to almost 700c, and now back down to 400c. New plan, start again. Circles with wings are out of the window, I'm going to try cells.
  5. Maxx(LO3)

    New LO branch? (LO till I die)

    CEOs who can unblock their own sink don't need a dedicated class of plumbers This is a trivial nothing of a question, and sort of a big question for LO as a whole There's been a valid conversation (LO3, BBQ Kid: State of LO3) about the purpose of LO3, it's identity, and its future. This post is not to discuss that issue. For further details on that conversation, or to contribute to that conversation, please go back to State of LO3. This post simply follows from a joyfully geeky idea that BBQ voiced in chat: "I was thinking about starting an alliance called 'The B-Ark' for those of us who meet the requirements". The B-Ark is a Hitch Hikers' Guide to the Galaxy (H2G2) reference. If you don't already know the reference, you can follow the H2G2 link to wikipedia for its explanation. Hence: A, I love naming things. It's great fun. It's trivial, it's a game. B, By asking the trivial question, some really interesting real issues emerge about choosing your identity. Taken together, this is a perfect hook for my limited attention span... So, I love H2G2 beyond reason, but I might have issues with "starting a new alliance" without great care and consideration. 1) Even if it sounds retarded, I'm "LO Till I Die" far as I'm concerned. Loyal to a fault. I owe a lot to the alliance, I've given a fair bit (in my way) to LO3, and I'd really want to keep the LO logo on my keep design. (Side issue, when-the-frack are we going to enforce the logo? It was a great idea!) So... if there was a new branch, I'd be keen to see a branch called: The Leftovers _____. The Leftovers B-Ark could fit that format. 2) B-Ark? I love the reference, but I'm not sure of the implications. Th B-Ark contained the useless 1/3 of the population of the planet Golgafrincham. Middle management. Telephone sanitisers... That's not me, and that's not us. I'm a semi-active cav breeder, for donation. That makes me a plumber, or an electrician. We're the bottom (useful) 1/3, not the middle (inane) 1/3. In this, here at AoE CS, I'm working class. I do the dirty job so high-fliers can concentrate on earning crowns. Surely? I'm not a telephone sanitiser, or a bored Tri-D TV executive? Geeking aside, it is also understood that a high-functioning competitive alliance should be made up of mutually co-operative heroes. Fighting many times a day, and donating to each other as well. CEOs who can unblock their own sink don't need a dedicated class of plumbers, and it may be correct for us plumbers to step aside. 3) But how to define and name the casual branch? Not apologetically, not as useless, just not flashy and fancy! It may be correct for us casuals to step out of the stream, but let's do it with honour. A band of merchants, plumbers, and adventurers. First tier NPCs to the heroic protagonist efforts of our LO brothers and sisters. 4) If LO5 is competitive training, let the 'New LO' be an exclusive gang of LO supporters who can be called up for support-duty when required by any LO alliance. A 'support class' in training. A way to play casually, AND contribute. 5) So how do you name it? How might it be defined and honoured? = The Leftovers B = The Leftovers: B-Ark = The Leftovers: Golgafincham (makes a more ambiguous ref to H2G2, not saying who was more useful) = The Leftovers: Support = The Leftovers Fringe = The Leftovers Casuals = The Leftovers Reserves = The Leftovers Territorials (the Territorial Army, TA, is the reserve semi-pro army in Britain) = The Leftovers: R&G are Dead (another geek ref: Tom Stoppard, Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Bit characters from Shakespeare's Hamlet, shown to have a confusing life of their own, outside the main narrative) = ? = ? This is a trivial nothing of a question, and sort of a big question for LO as a whole....
  6. Maxx(LO3)

    State of LO3

    My work and lifestyle don't allow me to be any more active than I am (which is not very). My attacks are inexperienced and weak. Low activity also means I learn slowly from experience, so though my attacks are getting better, it is happening very slowly... On the other hand I made sure to level up to lvl6 cav as soon as I could so I could AT LEAST contribute to the watch signal donations. My view is that this lifts a training burden on others allowing them to concentrate on training for their own attacks. So can I contribute to a competitive alliance? Yes, in a fringe way, by breeding cav which lets you shims get on with earning crowns and glory. Can I contribute directly to crowns? Not really. Not yet. Someday perhaps. For me a casual LO3 works well as a less competitive, or mid-competitive alliance. Not a place to be lazy, not a place to stress the details too much. (The broader question of how you define mid-competitive in activity rules is admittedly difficult.) If LO3 goes full competitive I'll be happy to contribute elsewhere. BBQ, I'll follow you wherever you lead....
  7. Maxx(LO3)

    Excuse Me

    I'll be away (abroad) from the 19th to the 27th of Nov. Unlikely to attack on my glitch tablet while away...
  8. Maxx(LO3)

    wonder construction

    I believe that duration is the length of time the boost is effective for when activated.
  9. Maxx(LO3)


    Have a look at some other shims' age 7 layouts. I think your defense may be too spread out. You have tried to keep everything inside the wall, which means you have to have a big outer wall, no internal wall divisions, an it's more difficult for your towers to cover everything. Have a look at other layouts, and consider tighter rings around your keep. This can allow more overlap from tower coverage (more focussed def), and the spare walls you free up can become dividing/segmenting walls which slow down attackers. The longer it takes them, the more time you have to hurt them. It means selecting some lower value buildings to leave outside, but so long as only 15-20% sits undefended outside, it's no real problem. Attackers will get inside the wall. If we accept that the question becomes: how do we slow them down and make them die once they are inside. Also, don't over max your walls! Upgrades put you in league with higher level opponents. I believe lvl 5 walls should be fine for now.
  10. Maxx(LO3)

    ladderman question

    I am 98% confident that they run across the top of double and triple walls, then climb down. Keep in mind that they have to fight and kill any wall troops they encouter before they can proceed. A double line of champions (blue guys) will hold them up considerably for example, and while fighting on a wall your laddermen may be vulnerable to tower fire. Also, say that you target a tower that's embedded in or is next to the second wall, they will have to climb down before they begin to attack at ground level. They won't attack the roof, if you get what I mean
  11. Maxx(LO3)

    Forum promotion

    1) Promote it. Every day. In chat. All the time. Till shims get with the self-evident value of being here and reading stuff... 2) Should we link primarily to the overall? Or LO1-5 home pages? Case in point, bit.ly/theleftovers3 Part of me says that shims should come to the central Leftovers forum first. What say you?
  12. Maxx(LO3)

    Age 7 Strategy

    "Just parsed yo mamma"... I've been giggling for an hour
  13. Maxx(LO3)

    Attacking units AI question

    You're probably right. Lesson: give the AI no options if you have a plan
  14. Maxx(LO3)

    Attacking units AI question

    I sent both cav and ladder men to within the keep's circle (at keep and catapult respectively). On review both went straight for the road. Also I take your point, and I usually do make wider holes
  15. Maxx(LO3)

    Attacking units AI question

    Question about units and roads... Is it my imagination, or do your attacking units prefer roads? As in, if the shortest route to the selected target runs between buildings, does the AI path finding of your units prefer to follow a road if there's one nearby? It seems that way. And I hadn't anticipated that. And it was annoying to discover mid-battle. If it's even true. It looked that way to me. With Martel placed at the gate, I targeted a cav rush at the keep. Little bleeders went UP THE ROAD TO THE GATE, rather than to the nice hole in the wall I'd made for 'em. Disaster ensued. 55% certain I just did it wrong, but on reflection I started to wonder whether I had any memory of troops liking roads in general....