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  1. drelo

    Any musicians here?

    Just wondering if any of you guys play any instruments. I bought myself a guitar last November and I love the thing. It is frustrating at times, but I will get the hang of it one of these days.
  2. drelo

    Bruceleeeon's Sig!?!

    Chiefy!!!!! Vick will plead guilty and hopefully will see some guaranteed time in jail.
  3. drelo

    COD Folding@Home

    I'm finally number 2 with my meager 207 points per WU.
  4. drelo

    COD Folding@Home

    There is no way I'm catching Bruce, but I should be in second place soon. Let's get that rank down to 1000
  5. drelo

    F@H team

    I just started folding last week.
  6. drelo

    Office 2007

    I was looking forward to Office 2007. I'll give it some time.
  7. drelo

    2008 Acura NSX

    I have always been an avid fan of the Acura NSX. I hope within the next five to ten years to be able to buy a 91'-94' and restore it to stock condition. Unless I'm a millionaire by then I'll just pick up one of these
  8. drelo

    Other Technology

    Excellent idea.
  9. drelo

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone. Man, was it hard going back to work today.
  10. Some of these are great! http://www.radarmagazine.com/features/2006/12/toys.php/
  11. drelo

    another one bites the dust

    If my car site ever shut down I would be beside myself. I would be forced to flood C.O.D. with useless drivel that you guys don't want to read.
  12. drelo

    T.O. survival guide

    Hilarious clicky
  13. drelo

    Its Quiet

  14. drelo

    Crazy Americans...