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  1. w00t, I won the Vantec Vortex hard drive cooler! It rocks! Now, all I need is to win a system in one of the upcoming contests (hint hint), so i can overclock the sucker and have a reason to use it. Right now there would be no reason to use this baby, cause theres not enough heat to worry about my hd overheating Oh well, its super cool anyway, and Ill eventually put it too good use! What did you guys win?
  2. OK, heres the banner......was gonna email it to you but dont see your email address anywhere.
  3. wow......this contest takes foeveh man lol
  4. I put the banner up, as you can see on http;//arialvision.com I dont have a banner made yet for my site, so I wont have you link back yet until I have time to get one made.
  5. I was wondering if you would like to affiliate with my website, http://arialvision.com , you know trade links or buttons or whatever.
  6. a-vision

    Tiny stuff?

    http://www.mini-itx.com/projects/spidercase/ ^that one is wicked!
  7. a-vision

    Tiny stuff?

    Might be hard getting all those fans, heat sinks, LED's, cold cathodes and other stuff in there though! And no heavy gaming on those babies, you would probably fry them!
  8. a-vision

    Tiny stuff?

    I just discovered this site, it appears there is a big thing with cramming all the miniturized components into the tiniest box! Sounds like a heat issue......But would be handy having a computer the size of a dictionary! http://www.mini-itx.com/
  9. a-vision


    I have good old fashioned dial-up, (the D-word) it!
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