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  1. I went to a local Staples today (ah yes, fond memories bruceleeon) and saw that a 1GB PC3200 DDR is still around the $150 range. Do you think the prices will drop soon with the advent of DDR2?
  2. Shaolin


    One of my good friend's is a techy at Vonage. Let me know if you have any probs and I'll give you his personal cell #. HA!
  3. Norphy, My point was simply this--Microsoft's Updating system is not effective due to the fact that it takes an amazing amount of time to do so. Do I have an answer to the problem? No, I don't, but I don't see that as a rebuttal to my argument because I'm not in that line of work. I teach high school English, I'm not extremely knowledgable about operating systems. What I do know, however, is that Microsoft is the biggest and richest computer company on the planet. Windows is their flagship product. Explain why there isn't an easier alternative to fully reinstalling Windows? There should be. You have become too accepting of Microsoft's meager attempts. Why should Microsoft care? Are their competitors offering a better product? Of course not, that's why they've been hit with the anti-trust offense. I expect more from a company that is headed by a man who ranks in the top 60 richest countries (that's not a typo) of the world. As an average user, the updating fiasco I recently went through was ridiculous. That, my friend, was the point of the article. Microsoft, the globally dominant computing company, has a major problem with the ease of a clean install of their major product, Microsoft Windows.
  4. I'm having the same problem on two separate computers now-- on startup, it seems xp is attempting to open a .dll file and it doesn't have the program needed to open the file. This causes a dialog box to pop up on startup claiming that I am attempting to "open a fille of type .dll" and it's very annoying. Anyone know how to solve this? ~Shao
  5. Happy Birthday bro, haven't seen you in awhile, wish you all the best. ~Shao
  6. I'm sitting at my fiance's family's computer right now--a Dell Dimension 4100. P3, 128 MB RAM, Windows 98. Would it be worth upgrading their OS to XP? They don't use the computer much for anything but the net, but I was considering catapulting them into the 21st century. Is is even worth it? ~Shao
  7. Too bad the html blink commands were taken out...you could've made the Menu button blink for the morons who couldn't find it. ~Shao
  8. The Epson Stylus CX5400 all-in-one machine IS in fact DuraBrite ink compatible, Epson's brand of photo ink. The ink packages that you buy in the store do not yet have the recognizable DuraBrite logo on them, however, small print on the front of the package claims it to be true. Rest assured, Epson's not trying to pull one over on you! ~Shao
  9. Wow, Windows 3.1...that brings back such good memories. Basically colorful DOS!
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