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  1. erectedbanjo

    Cant Login To Game

    is anyone having trouble logging into the game? It just says signing into Xbox live and I've already signed in but it won't let me into the game!
  2. erectedbanjo

    Lord Nominations

    thanks guys! This is really cool!
  3. erectedbanjo

    Attack/ defense power

    ya I've noticed this type of thing....i always get matched with players of at least 1 age higher than me. It would make a lot of since that there is a rating like this to try and even the playing field.
  4. erectedbanjo

    Sign In Issues

    ok cool, thanks!
  5. erectedbanjo

    Sign In Issues

    Do any of you have issues trying to get into the game from your phone? That's where I always play and it keeps telling me to sign in to Xbox live. I go to Xbox live.com and sign in but it still tells me to sign in before I can play! Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!