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  1. ThePaladinTech

    Blulitangel Inactive

    My phones have seemingly developed this issue as well... I can still get on via my win 10 desktop. but this won't do me much good for my week in the hospital (course I don't know how up to castle siege I will be anyways...)
  2. ThePaladinTech


    Stars? What are they? How do I get them? Oh and while I'm at it where is KJB?
  3. ThePaladinTech

    The End of an Era...

    +1 not fair ... oh well next time maybe
  4. ThePaladinTech

    Forum promotion

    bit.ly/teamleftovers points to the central forum I also made theleftovers2, 3, 4, 5, and 6... but theleftovers someone had... probably for actual leftovers? and any of the bitly links are better than the mouthful that is the full path!
  5. ThePaladinTech

    Lord Nominations

    1. If strthd is not already a lord I second the nomination. 2. The Player formerly known as Erroneous Oak3 was / Is a lord emperor needs to night him. 3. Mike - Crown count has IMHO very little to do with being an emperor... If you don't have time for it, that is one thing. I'm not on LO4 as much, had to rebuild a PC so I should be able to tend to mightyquinn50 a little better again.
  6. ThePaladinTech

    Dilemma for my masters

    Um if we are adding schools how about University of Michigan ? http://www.uscollegeranking.org/engineering/best-aerospace-aeronautical-astronautical-undergraduate-engineering-colleges.html#axzz3nLwP1ttk
  7. ThePaladinTech

    Dilemma for my masters

    what universities are you considering? maybe with that info we could give advice?
  8. ThePaladinTech

    Kicking some low-crown players?

    Yep, Hit Em I'm pretty sure was around 80 a few days ago... We need to engage Shim in in-game chat, that's when I think he made his most gains. as you age up things change, so maybe shims hit something like that. I'd much rather boot an inactive shim then one that is trying. but, ya know I'm not a "tactical mind" LOL
  9. ThePaladinTech

    sending shim to LO 5

    Hmmm Decisions decisions
  10. ThePaladinTech

    Length of Service

    That sounds like (potentially) a job for BerttheFirst. I only say that as he is gathering all kinds of data already it might not be too much for him to do that as well? I'm thinking getting the info he already gets is the hard part.
  11. ThePaladinTech

    sending shim to LO 5

    Don't boot on my account - I've got mighty in LO3 now.
  12. ThePaladinTech

    sending shim to LO 5

    Just saw this - currently no room
  13. ThePaladinTech

    Ads on site

    guess what came in the mail today... an invite to join AARP and an AARP card. Nice.
  14. ThePaladinTech

    sending shim to LO 5

    I freed up a slot for you all
  15. ThePaladinTech

    Kicking some low-crown players?

    We've given that chance to most of them, looking at the under 30 crowd I see an age NINE player, and an age 8. I I'm struggling at age 7 but I think they're is no excuse to not be able to maintain 200 crowns once you're mid age six. I think that is being generous at that. Also I look to hit em as an example of what can happen, he was at zero, he posted on the forums and on the chat got some advice and in short order he is nearly 100 crowns. so there is that as well, I have little grace for players that are doing poorly and are not active in chat or the forums. So I say kick the quiet low crown ? shims. If they are struggling but communicating that might be different.