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  1. CuZ


    Next up on the chopping Block Tony B. I hope not I really Like Buscemi's character but it seems inevitable
  2. Back when OS X was first created (from BSD) Apple realized that their current PowerPC architecture was sucking and decided to keep a current OS X port running on x86 machines (x86 instruction set = Intel, AMD for newbies). This project was codenamed 'Marklar' and currently employs about a dozen fulltime Apple programmers. Consider this Apple's backup plan should the PowerPC fail to keep up with Intel / AMD microprocessors. Of course Apple doesn't admit that the 'Marklar' program even exists, but I've heard differently. Continue... PearPC
  3. OR if you only ocassionaly want to bypass the startup Programs like for example you want to play a game and or dont feel confident mucking around in windows Hold down the Shift Key while windows starts and continue to hold it down until you see your desktop without an hour glass and that will prevent your Start up applications from starting up...
  4. Bruce summed it up Nicely Basically The Velocity is to great for the Disk and it Shatters in your drive . That was a problem with the Kenwood True 72x drives a few years back If I remember correctly...
  5. CuZ

    NCAA Basketball

    as long as Emeka Okafor can go I have to favor UConn they were the preseason number 1 for a reason
  6. CuZ


    Sup All dave again
  7. Lost interest in the online world for awhile but decided it was time to get back on.Figured since the cable company was out hooking up the HD cable might as well get RoadRunner again.Besides I have all these ITunes caps to redeem
  8. That Person in the Chair actually isnt his son Its a midget that cleans up the office every week.
  9. CuZ

    For Bruce

  10. Ok first things first Look at the photoshopped Bling Bling... Next look at the FumbDucker at the far right check the tattoo on his arm... Where did that Tat go...
  11. actually I believe the first interview was conducted shortly after guttenberg developed the printing press so to claim an idea hundreds of years old as your own and call it original is thinking highly mighty of yourself. BTW thanks for the free advertising.
  12. wondering if quoting another post gets around the spam rule since the post now has more than 1 smiley or 1 word... :wink:
  13. Easy way to fix this... Download redhat Install Linux Unix or BSD Then mount your windows partition like the bitch that it is...
  14. Hi My name is CuZ and I am a Caffeine addict... Seriously I drink a gallon of Water joe a day (equivalant of 16 cups of coffee). Countless Mountain Dews... I pop Caffeine candy like its going out of style... Hell I cook my pasta in Water Joe... But this takes the cake (mocha of course) http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/caffeine/5a65.shtml LOLOLOLO I have got to order that right now... if only they sold Jolt cola near me I would truly be happy. But alas it is to expensive to order off their site for the amount I would go through...
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