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  1. Agreed that the donation rules need to be updated. I think we have enough players in Age 9 and 10 with maxed cultural troops that we may be able to limit donations from players Age 8 and below. Even though defense is terribly broken, having max level troops in watch signals at least helps to move the needle to help turn potential 2-star losses into 1-stars. We also need to determine how we want to handle lordship. In the past, it's been similar to how LO3 handles it where players who are active in chat and play more are nominated by an existing Lord or the Emperor and then people can weig
  2. Looks like it's a two horse race now for 1st. We've got 500 crowns on Deutschland III as of writing this post. Just gotta pile on a few more crowns to make the lead more comfortable.
  3. Yeah, LPAD pulling both accounts and Sasuke going... sightseeing? dropped us around 3k crowns. We can still manage top 3 but getting to the #1 spot is going to be that much harder now. Hopefully I can find some good whales and get up over 6k before the season is over.
  4. Sure it does. It lets us know how many people have seen the poll and voted on it. If we didn't have that, someone could assume that the 36 members that didn't vote saw the poll and didn't feel strongly for either option but with it there, we just know that they didn't look at the poll.
  5. I don't care so much about crowns but having players that actively engage in chat is important for helping an alliance feel "alive". Chatting is my preferred way to pass the time between attacks while my troops train back up so having players who are more interactive is a bigger plus to me than crown counts.
  6. Looks like the current consensus by a 3-2 vote is to try to win this season of league before the merger. I'll do my best to pile on some crowns to help the effort. Hopefully I can get lucky and find some nice whales to gain some big chunks. Giz and I have already cleared a lot of space by kicking inactive players from LO4 but we still don't have quite enough room for all of LO3 to move there. I know a few players have already stated they'd like to remain in LO3 and keep it going but we may have some growing pains trying to get 50 into one alliance. There are currently 33 spots open in LO4
  7. Putting together a poll to get a better feel for what the members of LO3 want to do for this season of league. Please cast your vote.
  8. LO4 just finished Poison the Well so the only things left to go are Kizhi level 2, Advanced Scouting, Sound the Alarm, and Expropriation (although I'm not sure why you'd even want to bother with that one).
  9. So I just did a little recon work and it looks like LO2 is at the following state with wonders: Complete: Brace the Walls Trade Envoy Advanced Scouting Raise the Colors Poison the Well Reserve Force In Progress: Sound the Alarm (57% complete. Still needs 57,550,000 food donated and 1,589 trebuchet emplacements destroyed) Basilica of San Vitale level 2 (appears to be about 70% complete. I can't see the task breakdown without it being the active wonder but I'm guessing the remaining effort is all in stone donations so I would approximat
  10. I guess I'll pick up where I left off in the branch of the thread on the leadership forum. One of the main considerations to make for consolidating is the progress made on wonders in the various branches. Here's a breakdown of the progress LO4 has made: Complete: Brace the Walls Trade Envoy Expansion Raise the Colors Reserve Force In Progress: Poison the Well (95% done, just needs an additional 10,800,000 in wood donations to be complete) Kizhi Pogost level 2 (has the stars requirement complete for attacking but still needs most of the
  11. I think if we're going to have a discussion on this, we need to have a centralized thread on the main forum page instead of 5 different ones in the sub-forums. Starbeast, could you create that thread and update all of the other ones you made to link to that one?
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Edited the original post with some info about LO5. Heading to bed now. I'll check back in later this week since people are actually using the forums again.
  14. What about LO5? Even though it didn't last long, it's still part of the history of the alliance and it helped serve as a lesson not to overextend our reach when branching out.
  15. Hey, Goofy. Long time, no see. I can't speak on behalf of the other LO branches but I know LO4 has still been chugging away working on wonders while the amount of chatting has died off. We're 9 food donations away from finishing Expansion and 122 wood donations away from wrapping up Poison the Well. As for leagues, we haven't really done much as an alliance after dropping crowns intentionally for one season below 45k and completely destroying the competition in a Champion league. There haven't really been any developments in the leadership team since attendance was so dismal for the
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