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  1. I still believe our old Lo method to promote a noble is the best . Making everyone lord is a good choice for top alliance's since they have all players at age 9+ . Talking about donations ... even BBQ donates maxed KT now a days so I think we should ask other's to donate only max special units and lvl2+ grens !
  2. ok I know I wasn't a part of lo3 from start but I guess I can tell how I got in LO pretty much in the same way Mick did. My keep was at age 5 when I joined an alliance (don't remember the name) pretty much inactive with 30 players approx. There were some few active players but it was boring to be in there so I left and created my own alliance 5-6 days gone and no one joined in ....One day I was looking at top 200 leaderboards . All top alliance's had min. crowns requirements of 1k crowns to stay ..so kept searching for an alliance with low crown req. and there it was I guess it was in top 150
  3. I guess there are nearly 10 players in lo3 who have low crowns and don't chat ..we can move them to lo1
  4. lol I am fine either way option doesn't really helps much
  5. hey Byzan I really appreciate your efforts.. You didn't let go of lo1 even when it was suffering from inactivity..You have all the rights to hold on to this title!
  6. So that means only lo2 and 4 are suffering :/ from inactivity issue...so wait does that means only this 2 should be reconstructed or should we construct alliance with higher crowns . What I feel is we have lost the Importance of those numbers after "The Leftovers" Title . LO2 is a dead house (sorry kap) no replies nothing . Lets merge Lo4 and Lo3 (only high crowns player) ..what do you say ? Or let's get our high crowns guy in Lo1 ? (This one should be easy)
  7. @TinyWP I am sure I didn't pass the emp title by accident !Well yep lo1 looks like an active bunch of guys though they are of low lvl ..And I think we are done retaining our Founding members it's time Byzan should clear the house
  8. You happens to be right-ish @Sblounskched still no news from Kap .......It's all for nothing unless they reply to this ...
  9. Even I was on that point @Sblounskched Wonders progress should be taken into consideration while switching to any 1 Lo ! Unfortunately NONE of the player here REPRESENTS LO 2 .. I once saw Kaptain came online to donate troops before I moved to lo4 but didn't got any reply from kaptain maybe he didn't saw the chat or maybe he don't want the merger ??!!? But either way he should have said something
  10. any further comments/thoughts should be posted in the following link http://forums.computingondemand.com/topic/65204-merger-of-2-los-main-thread/ Thank You
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  12. since I opened 4 threads in 4 different sub-forums I am opening this main thread where everyone can reply to the topic of combining 2 Lo's . For knowing what this thread is all about please refer to the following Links (this link also includes the replies that some lords and Emp's posted on 2 of the above mentioned 4 threads)
  13. yep its prior to that .. Neither of the Emps have responded on this yet ..So we can't make any move further
  14. Hello guys as the title says ..I am thinking about combining 2 of our Lo's into 1 most probably merger of lo4 and lo2 while most of you might disagree with this choice but as of now I think this is the most effective way of getting out of this inactivity issue anyway we will be part of "The Leftovers" with any decision you take . What do you say ? Reason that made me think over it are 1 We are losing players because it's no fun to be in an alliance where there is no activity . 2 Many players stop playing the game because they think the game is soo boring due to inactive alliance .
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  17. you happens to be absolutely correct about leagues Sblounskched !! Leagues are pretty boring I am kind of waiting for something cool to pop up in future update
  18. Winner's of Season 1:- 1. For most crowns gained :- StipularGlobe64 2. For most Troops Donated:- Byzantiquitus CONGRATULATIONS!!! Players can praise the winners:p Player of the week Season 1.xlsx
  19. Check out the Table layout !! If you want me to edit any column or to add a new column then reply me with 20hrs Player of the week Table layout.xlsx
  20. yep agreed % increase will be better !! We should go with this
  21. why don't every Lo held this event it will be something unique that only Lo does ! You just need to prepare a spreadsheet stating everyone's crowns count and donation count and check on the end of the week which player has the highest changes !! I wanted to announce winner on the basis of donation of wood/food/stone in wonder task but as it doesn't shows individual contribution, I gave up on that 3rd winner idea! if you have a windows phone than you can prepare spreadsheets on your phone as well !! (using Excel )
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