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  1. So thats the thing biting all are "WOOD" and Balls. I see.... *walks up grabs a gun* Not to me they wont!
  2. Wait.....Why did a Hello thread ABOUT ME!|.........PLease talk about me... And.....Ah screw it. The wood chuck is a smal bird form East Asia. It is renound for its Chucking ability and its great Love of wood. I am done my lesaon for today kids....Hope you learned something
  3. The anwser is 2! A wood chuck could chuck 2 wood!
  4. Well i have been on your gamming server for TO for abouot 1 month now and i just wanted to get to know oyu guys a little better, And tell you about myself. Well my name is Martin, I livew in Canada, Winter is coming!!!@!@!@ I likw TO it is fun, But i alos play other games. Well that is about it. I will see ya guys on the sever!
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