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  1. hey edd if you dont want to let me in right now i dont see why im trying considering i have already been recruited in the past but yall said wait and you know after waiting it gets annoying no offence but i hate waiting for a month to see and then you say wait again i dont see why i keep trying if you dont really want me in cause thats wat it seems like. i mean its my faorite server just i wanan be apart of the clan but i guess i will never be since it seems as if you dont want me in . and if anyone does go ahead and post a reply and ill see. so long i guess, always forever you know it Monroe P.S.- dont forget me bye
  2. hey guys, Yall all know me monroe i have been wanting to join tmx and cod for quite awhile i just got signed up on yalls forums secretly getting on my bros comp since my internet wont work so i wanan join im 13 fixing to be 14 in 8th grade and i have tmx and cod in my favorites cuz it is my favprites tryed so hard for a week trying to get to protect so i could come back and play on yalls server so i wanan join i know alotz of peeps in tmx and cod wan t me to i have been playing with yall for about two months and i just wanna say i wanan joiin and if me finally signing upo at the forums will allow me to be in the clan then i will be really happy and when im older ill start doing tournaments like going away from texas to dallas or whereever and my state province is texas i live in katy a city with a population of around 20-30 thousand peeps its on the outskirts of houston by galveston bout and horu and a half drive about a 15min. drive to houston i like to play tactical ops counter striek (when my brother lets me) and i like online massively multiplayer games where you can see your person also i lkike the meta refreshiong ones tooo sorta. finally my fifrst sentence ended and i want5 to really join so eddmazz and whoever plz let me join plz so i can quit bugging you and im gunna go sneak off my bigger bros computer before he gets hom and im gunna get on tacops in 5minutes . BYE, always monroe
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