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  1. Happy Birthday Big_Ram hope ya have a good 1 like I did!! :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana Oh yeah i got ya the same thing you got me.!! lol nothing hahahahahahahaha j/k love ya man Shizzle
  2. LMAO Hell no! why would i lie about the size like every one else???? lol What fags
  3. Hey Jr. That's not so bad of a aviator you got,, I mean you look just like Timmy there!!!! Lol are you the lil retarded kid that plays TO every now and then? I bet that is your alias huh??
  4. lol balls wtf is up with you calling me Top_Shot };->Top_Shot<-;{ is dead man he left along time ago and he will never return again!!!!!!!!!!! So stop calling me that plz!! Ty Oh yeah ty for telling me happy b-day
  5. lol ty Gman i will tell him but i don't think he will make me one lol Have a good day man! Shizzle
  6. Yall have done yall's work I see but just how many stars do you have Oldman? hehe uh........none!
  7. Ok wtf i am not gay! Damnit! I didn't write that either peps It was my brother he is the gay guy in the family, but we don't need to go there mmmmmk :fingers Faggetts
  8. Happy B-Day playa i didn't get you anything but mabye next year. If your a good little boy
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