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  1. eww that sounds fun! wish we could have a white christmas
  2. NVIDIA announced that it has been working with Sony on the GPU for Sony's forthcoming computer entertainment system. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that they're talking about PlayStation 3 here. Note that the PlayStation 3 name isn't actually official yet, though we'll continue to use it as it's basically guaranteed that's what Sony will call its PlayStation 2 successor... Read More
  3. haha thats great. first time for me
  4. ha it worked. sorry for such a dumb question, when it is lading it only said those 2 options in the upper right hand corner. wierd how it changed from f12 to f8. thanks again Rb!
  5. Im working on getting my girlfriends sisters computer rid of all the spyware. Its a Dell 2400 i think. I would go into safe mode by pressing f12 before and i got rid of all the crap. I went into setup but didnt change anything but now when i push f12 it takes me to my boot options? it gives me options for selecting which device i want to boot but I want to go into safe mode to run a virus scan. any clues?> Windows XP pro SP2
  6. ballsdeep


    username: glocked_e whats is everyone elses?
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