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  1. Bruce, I tried to attach an external picture (jpg/png) the other day and it didn't work. The dimensions are always set to 0x0 pixel. Also video inclusion does not work. Uploading a picture also does not work, even though it was smaller than the 512kb limit.
  2. Yeah, I also just finished upgrading my devices. My main computer got the automatic one through reservation punctually on the 29th but the other ones not. So I did what you suggest and got the media creation tool from Microsoft. And you basically explained it all. I just need to add that the version of Windows is detected automatically when you run the media creation tool (32bit or 64bit) on your machine and choose not to create a install media but upgrade directly. It takes long time and several reboots and verifications, but at the end one gets a very nice and neat working new Windows 10. A
  3. What kind of mouse do you think I'm using But this is while outside only... at home/office I'm happy with my UHD screens
  4. Yes... but I use a mouse though. I'm just so much used to using a mouse...
  5. Every battle is recorded anyways and can be seen for a few days. And why should the attacker record his wrongdoing? He should cancel the attack to the favor of the teammate. I made a record of the replay: VIDEO
  6. It can happen by mistake, I agree. But one has minutes to stop the attack after seeing the LO tag... I think, nrawlinson1000 simply didn't care. And he could apologize, which he also didn't do.
  7. No. I will not embarrass myself the same way... :/
  8. I got attacked by a Leftover today. I recognized the name immediately so I wonder why he didn't. And he even ignored the LO2 tag and was happily riding over it. Shame on you nrawlinson1000!!!
  9. I was reading a short discussion about Windows tablet devices in the game chat the other day. I bought such a device just a few weeks back and I'm really happy with it. It was just about 100US$ and it came with Windows 8.1 - which I upgraded to Windows 10 sucessfully today. And for Android lovers it has a dual OS with a full Android version as well... All I added were 32Gb of extra memory...
  10. Exactly RiskPremium. I often go just for the pennants to collect them quickly. Especially after upgrading one needs many in a short time. I even give full priority to hero training. Res and crown are more ore less a by-product...
  11. Done. I'm like a duckling... first see, first vote
  12. Hi... the chat wouldn't let me in and I'm asked to inform the community administrator which I hereby do
  13. Hi guys... I'm left over too since yesterday
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