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  2. Earlier in February, one of our greatest members, Old Tank Driver, passed away. Please stop by LO2 and say something nice about him. Here's a link to the main AOE Forum post. https://forums.castlesiegegame.com/topic/39417-with-a-deep-sorrow-and-heavy-heart/?tab=comments#comment-275205
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  6. We should update the LO3 recruitment post in the AoE forum to say we opened up a bunch of slots due to the merger and list a few of the Lords who stayed to supply the WSs and talk them up. We should also start a LO4 recruitment post. We should get some quality active players. We can also state that lower crown players can join LO3 as long as they are active and we will link to the LO3 post. Those are my initial thoughts. What do you guys think? Anyone want to volunteer to write it?
  7. I think Level V mounted specials should be required. I think level II Grens is also good. What about regular Cavalry (Major Knights)? Level VII min? I think the Lords problem is that so many of us are already lords who deserve it. Should we promote as we have in the past? We did promote one recently as Mr. Mick said, who just left. At least they didn't abuse their power and wreck the place. For example, we have several high crown nobles that could be booted by a rouge lord. So, if I was a high crown noble, I would expect a little protection from that (lordship) and the prestige that comes
  8. Please post suggested changes to the LO4 rules here. I think Mike's original list is good but we need to update the donation levels for one thing.
  9. well said Mr. MICK. Come on over gang!
  10. Most of the active LO3 players have moved over to LO4. Some of them are still squatting in LO3. For this thing to work, we need at least 55-60k crowns to stay comfortable on the Top 200. Please help fill up LO4 with high crown active players. Then we can bring over active lower crown players. We don't want to be crown snobs, but I firmly believe that we can attract more quality players for all of The Leftovers if we have one alliance in the Top 200.
  11. Starbeast, If a player is not causing trouble and is still attacking every few days, we should let them stay in LO3. If there are semiactive players in LO4, they should move to LO3. TinyWP, It's good that you guys are healthy now, but my experience is that activity levels in my alliance oscillates. Someday, maybe in a few months, you guys might want some fresh players. Did you guys see we are in the same league this time? That was cool to see.
  12. I want to make sure everyone knows that the active players in these alliances are fine lords. I just don't think it is fair to expect them to try to revive the alliance on their own, unless they feel called to try. It is a LOT of work and I don't want to lose them, like we have lost MikeR210 and many others.
  13. Well gang, Age X is here, so it's time to do something. LO3 has room for 7 active players, without asking anyone to move. LO2 & LO4 have about 10 active players each. I don't want to steal active players from another LO alliance but I do want to throw a life preserver to those active players who love The Leftovers. I could probably go over and convince a few players to move, but I don't want to torpedo LO2 or LO4. I do think that the active members of LO2 & LO4 deserve better than what I saw last weekend when I was traveling. The watch signals were empty and chat was stale. My opt
  14. Details are hereL https://www.ageofempires.com/news/2016/10/03/castle-siege-patch-1-21-age-10-is-here/
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