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  1. Agreed, Gizmo is good and Martel4Prez
  2. I voted for Basilica because it help us get better as more resources will permanently help us every battle afterwards. Just my thoughts
  3. Congrats starbeast! I voted for you but then said I misvoted only because I read you didn't want the position. But you or middleagedguy are both awesome choices. Wiz
  4. I misvoted... meant to vote for MiddleAgedGuy but hit the Starbeast vote instead...
  5. Thanks MiddleAge Guy, Paldine and BBQ. I also support Peppys lordship
  6. These are awesome! I am back over 500 today and hopefully I'll stay there longer and keep getting more :-)
  7. I was trying to wait as long as I could to go to lv 8 but I've been getting smashed by lv 8s and 9s and had no particular build strategy. Since joining this alliance, I'm thinking more strategically now. In about 8 hours, I'll be lv 8 :-) What should be my priority in purchases/spending my resources? Thanks, Wiz LO3, formerly of LO2
  8. Cincinnati, OH,.USA Eastern Time Zone
  9. I'm enjoying this alliance and it sure beats my old one by a mile!!!
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