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  1. MikeR210


    Nope! Neither do I.
  2. I messaged the Devs. Waiting for response...
  3. But it seems when you search alliance name: The Leftovers 2 - seems there is something shady going on! In my opinion, another Alliance changed their name purposely to The Leftovers 2 and is trying to take advantage of the our real LO2's Alliance of the Day status. See for yourself - I think I'm going to report this to the Devs....this just isn't cool!
  4. eh...I have tried them a few times. Siege towers are good for setting off traps. Once docked to a wall they deploy two squads of infantry. And it costs only two slots. Downside is when they deploy, they pretty much stick together. Difficult to direct each squad to different targets. I stopped using them.
  5. Shac, you'll be good as new Emperor. You have a good group in LO2.
  6. All members of The Leftovers, please read these rules that we have put in place to assist you... TO JOIN The Leftovers, we ask that you have at least 200 crowns. Any Age is welcome. Our goal is for you to become a better Sieger - thru learning Attacking skills/troop combinations...and try to help limit losses on Defense. General RULES for The Leftovers: 1. Donations: - In general, if you are at least Age 7 - you can start donating to anyone. *Lower Ages need not worry at this time until you get to Age 7 and you have upgraded troops*. - Acceptable Donation troops are the following: Level 5+ Cavalry, Level 3+ Knight Templar, Level 3+ Raiders of Muscovy, and Level 3+ Mamluks. *Grenadiers are also acceptable, but do not donate two or more Grenadiers in a row. Only one Grenadier at a time mixed between Mounted Troops* - ABSOLUTELY NO single slot donations (i.e. pikeman/infantry/archers..etc). *Even if you have a Watch Tower that has 6 out of 7 slots filled – DO NOT fill that last slot with a troop. Also, be sure to get your Watch Tower’s upgraded so that it shows an EVEN # of slots...i.e. 10, 12, 14, 16...etc* - Don’t be afraid to ask in chat if you need or want a specific troop. 2. Activity: - Please try to be active in chat and participate in The Leftovers forum! We’d love to hear from all players. - If you share a replay, be sure to let us know why you are sharing it. *i.e. big win, lots of loot, weird layout, good layout, good use of Hero/Troops, any mistakes you made, anything you learned…etc* - Be active in the game. Try not to go longer than two weeks (14 days) without attacking. *inactivity for that long will cause you to get booted from alliance* - If you will be out for a period of time, please tell an active member or post in the forum. *Whether it’s holiday/vacation/medical…try to let us know so your spot will be secure.* 3. Fun: - Enjoy the game and have fun! Don’t worry about the stuff you can’t control *(i.e. disconnects/server issues).* - Don’t worry about not winning attacks at first. Attacks will improve with experience and with advice from experienced members. *Practice the historical campaigns again too – it’s a great way to fight for free!* - Don’t worry about not winning on defense. There is no perfect defense. *Try to look at various layouts and adjust as needed after several battles, paying attention to attacker’s tendencies. Goal should be to limit the # of stars, or protect certain resources you need to upgrade* 4. Lordship: - To be considered for Lordship, you must Age up and show progress. - Be active in Chat, and in Forums. Assist less experienced/lower Age’d players. - Donate troops regularly. - Get recommended by other Lords. 5. How to get kicked out of the Alliance: - Bad/foul language or inappropriate comments in chat or Forums. - Donating troops incorrectly. You will get a Warning the first time. If 2nd time – it may be grounds for immediate dismissal from Alliance. It is vital that we donate troops appropriately as you may be causing more harm donating inferior troops to Higher Age'd players. - Being inactive (i.e. not attacking) for at least two weeks. We want active players in the Alliance….unless you have notified an active member (i.e. vacation/medical…etc).
  7. Yes Star - you were the first to let me know. Supposedly you can have alt accounts! If you have window's 10. You just have to create new accounts in Xbox - and log in to each when you want to play with a separate account.
  8. Good stuff. I'll definitely check for my phone.
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  10. From the desk of Empress Phasma - from the AofE Castle Siege Forum... http://forums.ageofempires.com/topic/18832-gold-sale/?do=findComment&comment=151881 Hello Siegers, To celebrate Patch 1.17 we are having a Gold Sale this weekend! It starts Friday, March 11th at 9am PST (5pm UTC) and runs through Monday, March 14th at 9am PST.
  11. Everybody drop crowns and save your gold! Start collecting and get maxed on food. That way when next league starts - everyone will be loaded with Food and Gold to be able to gain crowns at a good rate. Doing this should help win the Champion League (between 17.5K crowns and 45K crowns). That or more players increase crowns to get total around 80+K crowns and have a chance at winning a Noble League.
  12. http://forums.ageofempires.com/topic/18717-patch-notes-117/?do=findComment&comment=151263 Some interesting info about the new status where it shows you as Online. "You can't attack players in a PT, or players while they are online; so they show the same. When a player is "online" it means they cannot be attacked."
  13. Latest patch is available. http://www.ageofempires.com/news/2016/03/07/patch-notes-1-17/ Hello Siegers, Great news! The long-awaited Patch 1.17 will be available on March 8th! The update will start propagating out at 9AM PST (5PM UTC). We have lots of great features on the way, as we had previously announced in the blog post found here. Without further ado, the Patch Notes for 1.17! Patch Notes 1.17 New Features and Updates: Updated and improved the introductory tutorial for new players. Added 20 new scenarios that focus on basic tactics and gameplay strategy. These scenarios will help get new players ready for battle and allow existing players to hone their skills further. New battle log tutorial to help players get acquainted with this feature. New alliance tutorial with a bonus gold reward for joining an alliance for new players. Players who are already in an alliance will receive the gold. Added 6 new objectives for players to complete for new civilization statue honor items. New Daily Combat Reward gives players a bonus to all loot during their first battle each day. The bonus becomes available again at 7AM UTC every day. The Alliance search function now contains filters to make searching easier. All alliances will now be searchable. The Alliance home page now shows when alliance members are online/offline. We’ve made some long-requested improvements to Siege Towers: Level 4 Siege Tower: Now unlocks with level 5 Siege Workshop in Age 6 Time to upgrade Siege Tower reduced to 2 days Reduced lumber cost Increased health Spawns one infantry squad upon attaching to a wall Level 5 Siege Tower: Now unlocks with level 6 Siege Workshop in Age 8 Reduced lumber cost Increased health Spawns two infantry squads upon attaching to a wall We have decreased the requirements to complete the Basilica Wonder. Reworked victory screen for better clarity. When returning from battle, players will now be informed if a new purchase or upgrade is available. The Marketplace menu now auto-sorts by what is available to purchase. Added country flags for Pakistan and Romania. Added Honor flags for all 6 in-game civilizations. Players now have more control over notifications they receive. “Collectors are full” notification is now an option for offline notifications. Bug Fixes: Connection improvements for all devices. Fixed a bug where players could lose connection when viewing battle logs on Win 10 mobile devices. Fixed a bug where players could see the wrong crest on the ‘Raise the Colors’ power when watching replays. Fixed a bug where players could get stuck on the Alliance home screen. Fixed a bug where players would be unable to log in when shelving the holiday fair under certain circumstances. Fixed a bug where players could have trouble purchasing and collecting gold after server updates. Fixed a bug where Henry’s ability was not working consistently. It will now deploy correctly for all players. Fixed a bug where Charles Martel would occasionally cancel out Henry’s disable ability. Fixed a bug with Charlemagne where his charge was not reliably leading cavalry to desired targets. Fixed a bug with John Kourkouas’ and Charles Martel’s when deployed together. They will now work no matter the order you activate the hero abilities. Fixed a bug where certain units would occasionally run through seams between walls or gates. Miscellaneous UI Polish. Fixed a crash that could occur when using IME for text input on Win 8 and Win 10 devices. Known Issues: When completing the new objective to unlock the Kievan Rus cultural statue, a player will receive a pop up incorrectly stating they will need to attack the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastary. Players will actually need to attack the Palace of Facets to complete the objective. We will have a fix for this bug in the next patch.
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